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Xenovia Keyy
52 Views 3 days ago
Just need an little improvements on these gameplay, and also there's a lot of bug when the story mode have been played. Beside that, there's no another complaint.. This one was the perfect game i think
Eve san
111 Views 2 days ago
I didn't get to play it :( it saids wanderers limit reached :p, I'll just wait for the official release of the game.
5 Views 2 days ago
Game isn't bad, just a few bugs here and there. The game also crashed while I was fighting the boss, so there's also that. So I'll just wait for the official release once they work out the kinks.
8 Views 2 days ago
Fix this obnoxiously irretating game before it dies while it is not even get a global version . I wouldn't let me or most of the players out there get through character customization screen
8 Views 2 days ago
They shouldn't be making CBT games available like this if there's a limit to who can play. Persons are already chosen from registration. People don't like getting teased by downloadable games that don't work...
Both wandere are limited reached
2 Views yesterday
6 Views yesterday
I downloaded 8gb just to play it and then it says max player reach, wow!. Why not tell it before we download the game tsk.
3 Views 2 days ago
Sorry, it says that the number of wanderers has been reached, is there a limit on the number of players? I'm dummy 💦
Tower of fantasy global CBT 2
141 Views 3 days ago
Hardcore Gamer
265 Views 2022/4/23
UPDATE 08MAY Now that I know what I do like about the game, a few words about what I don't like. Although we're given a mount very early on, navigating the terrain is a huge pain in the ass. With an area this large, it seems to me to be a great candidate for auto travel to the quests. Instead, when clicking on the quest in the list, were given a tiny mileage icon with an even tinier arrow th
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