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Infinity Conquer will launch the very first closed beta test on 6th, May 2022! Join our official Discord server for the latest news and events, and to get exclusive rewards!

The world of Infinity Conquer is one of shattering wars and epic tales. Will you put together the pieces of history and revive the most legendary rulers of all time? Join forces with like-minded comrades to conquer the world! Fight and attain victory alongside your companions! In Infinity Conquer, you choose your path to conquer the continents and bring glory to your dynasty!

The World's Largest Epic Strategy Game
Set out on an expedition to explore this vast continent! Become renowned across the vast land of Ethossus, but beware—with ambition comes power and betrayal.

Revive Legendary Rulers! Conquer Civilizations!
Which legendary ruler will you revive? Will you choose Catherine the Great, who made all of Europe kneel at her feet? Or the unrivaled Attila the Hun? Or even the mighty King Arthur of Britain?
Conquer and restore mighty civilizations, from ancient Rome to the Tang Empire. Become a new legend as you claim all of Ethossus as your own.

Attack & Plunder Cities!
Join forces with powerful Guilds and gather millions of troops on one battlefield. Capture the passes and dominate the realms!

Strike enemies at close range and from a distance! Forge alliances and unite!

Next-generation 3D graphics! Immerse yourself in stunning real-time GvG wars!


Version 1.0.15 2022-05-20
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Civilizations Clash on Epic Battlefields! Fight Alongside Legendary Rulers and Make Your Mark in History!


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In-app Purchases Yes
Current Version 1.0.15
Size 1.64 GB
Last Updated on 2022-05-20
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