Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Screenshot of Settlement Survival
Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival

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Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Developer 远星工作室
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This is a survival-oriented city building game where you lead your citizens to settle in a new territory.

Provide shelter for citizens, ensure food supply, fight against the threats of nature, and pay attention to the health status and happiness index of citizens. Let the citizens prosper, provide education for the citizens, provide a stable job, and constantly open up new industries. In the process of urban development, it may attract foreign population to join. Choose different development routes, unlock new buildings and abilities, and expand the life content of citizens. Trade with passing merchant ships, and the terminal also provides ordering services. The game has the change of four seasons, spring farming and autumn harvesting, and heating in winter. Of course, you also need to deal with natural and man-made disasters reasonably, so as not to destroy the century-old foundation.
Game Features

explore mode
The exploration mode is a challenge mode that restores the historical story, and each level is a real event in history. Not only is the difficulty higher, but the dilemmas in history are made into game mechanics. For example, Easter Island, with the increase of population, continues to cut down trees, consume ecological resources, and eventually lead to social collapse. And this time it was replaced by the dilemma that we went to the opposite Easter Island. What kind of ending will we get out of?

population growth
Population is the primary productive force, and population is the most important basis for urban development. Citizens need housing to have children, and providing more and more advanced housing is a direct way to increase the population. But at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the happiness of the citizens. If the happiness is too low, citizens will lose their desire to bear children, and even murderers will appear. Demographics are also an issue. Baby boomers will have unlimited productivity for a while, but they will also face more consumption as they age.

Disaster and Early Warning
There will be various natural and man-made disasters in the game, and you need to deal with them reasonably to survive. In the upper right of the game, there is an event foreshadowing progress bar. In addition to showing the upcoming merchant ships and refugees, it can also predict disasters.

town manager
As the population grows, towns need to arrange managers. Each manager has its own unique skill effect, or it is a security expert who punishes criminals, or a professional who is familiar with agriculture, or a business strongman who is good at trade, or a model in the medical world who is skilled and benevolent. In short, each of them has their own strengths, and which one to choose, it is more suitable to match the development route of the town itself, and everything is left to you to decide.

Development route
The development routes in the game are divided into 8 types: trade, education, mining, construction, agriculture, processing, logistics, and livability. Each can unlock corresponding new buildings and abilities to speed up town development. There is no fixed mode for route selection, and it is completely free to choose, and each exhibition has its own advantages.

random map
The map of the game is random, the distribution of resources, and the location of rivers and lakes will change greatly. Observe the resource layout on the map, corresponding to the industries to be developed in the early stage of planning.

All industries flourish
More than 100 different occupations correspond to different industrial development, and choosing different development routes brings different game experiences. As the proficiency level of a certain industry category increases, you can get the unique effect bonus of that category.

trade and currency
All resources produced in the game can be traded. Unprocessed products are sold at a lower price, and products with higher processing levels are more expensive. But there are some exceptions. There is a category of products for trade. They have no practical function themselves, and the raw materials produced are not complicated, but they are of high artistic value. They will be an important way for you to obtain silver coins. In addition, once the mint is unlocked, you also have the right to mint the territory, and the minted silver coins can be traded as a common currency.

Rare Building Blueprints
In addition to the initial buildings and buildings unlocked during town development, merchants can also bring some rare blueprints, which require you to spend a certain amount of money to buy. In addition, you can also get some theme blueprints by completing the exploration mode. Blueprints are not only better-looking architectural shapes, but also have some very powerful characteristic effects. Of course, they are not easy to obtain. Developing trade and earning more silver coins is the best way to obtain blueprints.

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