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Screenshot of Dragon & Knights
Screenshot of Dragon & Knights
Screenshot of Dragon & Knights
Screenshot of Dragon & Knights
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Just 10 minutes a day and you can become a legendary dragon slayer.
Brave adventurer, come with me, a whole new fantastical world of adventure and challenges await you!
3D Idle RPG Dragon & Knights

♦ Progress while you’re away
Continuously earn resources while away from your phone and play whenever and wherever you want!

♦ Tons of awesome partner to choose from
Legendary heroes are waiting for you to collect, each with a set of unique and powerful abilities!

♦ Strategy and tactics at your fingertip
Create the ultimate team of heroes and adjust your formations to overcome any challenge.

♦ Maximize your teams with Partners Bond
Pick the right hero lineup to unlock mighty partners bond to crush your enemies.

-- Minimum Specifications for Device Compatibility --
• Android 7.0 or higher
• RAM 2GB or higher

-- Contact Us --
Join our official Discord to interact with us directly: https://discord.gg/dvYNJfpXse


Dragon & Knights is an RPG based in a rich world of fantasy and adventure.

From the very beginning, we wanted to make a game that would whisk players away to this magical world we have created; to adventure with the legendary heroes of Tyrenia, go on awesome quests, and face off against epic enemies.

We hope that you will love this world we have built. Take your time and explore Tyrenia at your own pace, and earn resources and make progress even when you're not in the game. You can also duel against friends and rivals, challenge the endless tower modes, and become a legend that others will admire.

Brave adventurers, are you ready to dive into the lairs of the ancient dragons, meet and befriend the colorful characters of Tyrenia, and become a mighty champion to defend the peace of Tyrenia? We can't wait for you to unveil the mysteries of this land.

We hope you will enjoy your journeys in Tyrenia. We appreciate any and all feedback you have for the game, and thank you for preregistering and showing your enthusiasm and support!


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Michael Fallen
Official Dragon Knights Team : Many thanks for your attention and support! Dragon & Knights is a turn-based Idle RPG. As a game with idle features, players can earn resources and EXP even while away from the game. Play when and where you want, while always improving your characters and equipment. You can also use your knowledge and experience to adjust your team in order to maximize your combat capabilities. Hope that you'll like this game.




Developer Bamboo Studio
In-app Purchases Yes
Last Updated on 2022-05-06
Network Connection Required
System Requirements No System Requirements