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雖然剛開始的時候伺服器好像炸了?不過現在都沒問題了! 然後巴哈有大神幫忙翻譯消息!
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Addyneo's Impression : Grimlight, Worth It to Try?
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Grimlight's Art
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Despite the constant troubles Grimlight faced due to server issue, the staff on Discord kept us on loop with information and easing the tension by providing thorough apologies and feedback of the future of Grimlight as well as compensation awarded to global and asia server. With that said; Yes, a chibi game with luxurious art gameplay. Start of with 10x10 reroll summons and choose your best roll. Although 5* unit isn't guaranteed between the 10 free summoning, its possible to get up to 4* 5 star units as I've seen.
Intentional Roast
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I mean you guys really should get over it. Yea you guys that complaining about "Aaahhh why is it chibi, shiet another chibi gacha game, nothing special about chibi game ah why" and immediately 1 star rating dumbshiet. You don't give a shiet about Arknight, Girl's Frontline and other games being chibi or even pixel anyway, clearly these are moron's shiet barking. Turn-based classic gacha game always been like that bruv freakin' get over it. What makes these same type of games are the story, the art, design, theme, slight mechanism, bgm.. May be you guys should just play Onmyoji or SS Awekening these both are games I know that is not chibi you guys just go fkin' there and stick to it.
This game is so pretty!!! 😩😩😩 but there is so much wasted potential 💔 i love the characters and the UI of this game, very clean, very smooth ✨ KR dub but the VAs sound refreshing 💖 gacha is ayt 👌 it's just that there is nothing much to do when you start playing 🥲 basic grinding, Adventurer's Guild looking plain af, story is not really engaging, and the rewards are too stingy 😭 bruh, i tried adding friends but everyone i saw dropped it by level 1 🥴
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Huge ping problems, no dmg scales in skill descriptions and wrong gain of energy in battles was fixed in a few weeks after server opening. Now this game is not annoying trash("annoying" gone away, lol). Problem here is that there's not much game modes and currency gain (actually, it's almost impossible to get crystals now, though they give 1 random summon daily), while hero dupes give HUGE stat boost. All this game have now is lvl upg stages, gear farming (1 of the 4 gear is nonfarmable for heroes) and arena.
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the game is nice, but i find a problem when playing arena. when i placed my character on the bottom right, it keeps hitting the "begin wave" button. because i was placing my warrior/tank first, it just started with me only placing 1 character. i hope you can fix the UI for better experience in the game.
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