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58 Views 03/08/2023
Game laggs too much also car has no proper name nor sound all car has same speed even if you buy new car or upgrade ur car 🚗 controls are bit difficult and car go off track while drifting overall game good
hez gamer
Very lagging
23 Views 03/11/2023
I try everything high medium low graphic. I know ios user had no problem with this but my Android not that cheap and i can play high graphic game like tower of fantasy or ganshin impact. And this game so many bug and glitch. Please fix it i need to play this game when i am on
65 Views 03/06/2023
I swear the ai cars are fcking unreasonably fast especially in corners where slowing down is a must even when they crash their speed is instant. Surprise traffic are also a problem and the map loading. NERF THE AIs THEY CAN EVEN RAM THE PLAYER'S CAR AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT AND THAT SUCKS!
WølFy Risk
64 Views 02/28/2023
Not a very great experience because the physic of the object is not good at all, the collision of the wall is bad, it feels like every wall was a corner that stinking out when the car hit it by a little bit it will stop the car dead or bounce unpredictably, the driving and the handling is good... The amount of money you got for every race is very minimal making the game very awfully grindy, this could be fix by increasing the award for winning and by adding daily tasks that gives you good rewards...
Vincent Marciano
73 Views 02/23/2023
Played on my galaxy s20+ linking footage below on my YouTube channel I'm not sure how I got it to work but I am painstakingly going thru the things I did to figure it out when I do I will edit this review and drop a link to a video guide To my fellow Samsung users. The gameplay speaks for itself..be patient it's worth the wait I will figure out exactly how I did this and u will join me on the streets until then 🫶
About CarXstreet
1.3K Views 02/12/2023
Your game doesn't even load on Android phones what a waste of time we've been waiting this long for this piece of sh#t! You can't even make it good enough for Androids DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ITS TRASH FOR ANDROID USERS LIKE US. WASTE OF SPACE!
Problem in realme 6!!!
289 Views 02/27/2023
I downloaded it and installed it, but when I try to open it, it takes me to google play saying "to continue using CarX Street, get it from Google" and I tried to get it from Google play but it isn't compatible with my device. Im currently figuring out is there a way to make it compatible with my device. Maybe I just need a better phone, my phone is realme 6. The game is very fine and is the best racing game ever, people can tell just by looking at images and videos!.
1K Views 02/10/2023
The game is great, but it won't launch. When downloading from the TapTap application, it requires an update and transfers to Google Play, where they tell me that the application is not supported by my device (Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. Even Genshin Impact pulls). I looked at the reviews from friends, quite a good game, but still ... Will be able to run on my device - I will give 5 stars. Just in case - I'm from Russia. Maybe there are no servers in Russia
156 Views 02/23/2023
Well my friends ..idk how I figured out how to play this on my Samsung Galaxy s20 plus but I did...and holy f***ing sh** this is probably the best racer graphically on android...plays pretty damn smooth..u need a high end phone to truly enjoy this game to it's fullest BUT it's worth it...this is why I paid $1200 for my phone. To enjoy games to theyre fullest. If u are a Samsung user...be PATIENT. Im ganna figure out how I got it to work and post a guide..BE PATIENT...if u have a galaxy S10 or above u will see what nobody else does ..particles..smoke smooth fps...maxed out settings and didn't lose performance..I am deeply moved by this game and the hard work the devs put in as a small team..happy gaming friends,!!!
Jeremy Massive
6 Views 03/09/2023
The game finally runs on my device and the only problem I have is that there's no 60fps no controller support the AI traffic keeps ramming in to you and you really need to grind those  side races in order to keep up if you're
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