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Chrizianne Jannah Guerrero
Voice would be good.
5 Views 10/30/2022
i love it! They added a few things not present from the older version, I'm just very happy for it to be back, if only the old voices would be added as well. That's extra points.
Narukami Shirou
Good bye again Bloodline
18 Views 10/20/2022
I played in server G18 Ghoul and today I found the server is full and everytime I tried to enter it always force closed. Even after I use the newest server available it force closed right after the tutorials. So I guess it's time for a bitter farewell again. IF YOU'RE GONNA CLOSE THE SERVER AT LEAST GIVE US A DAMN WARNING, DAMMIT!!!! THE SAME GOES FOR WHEN THE GAME SUDDENLY WENT  UNAVAILABLE AND ERASED YEARS AGO. NO FUCKING ANNOUNCEMENTS
3 Views 10/26/2022
a nostalgic game , i played this before in sea ver. And its good to be back again ❤️
game is good
0 Views 10/23/2022
a nostalgic game , i played this before in sea version.
Can't login
1 View 10/20/2022
after the latest update, i can't login to the game. Always force closed after choosing the server. Device Oppo
0 Views 10/20/2022
Can't login after the latest update. Device Oppo
Quang Huy
0 Views 10/17/2022
great , friendly for F2P
Narukami Shirou
0 Views 10/20/2022
can't login. Always force close
Dying To Play
Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire - Brand New Event Sword Of Death - Android Gameplay
60 Views 09/28/2022
1 View 09/21/2022
my favorite game🥰
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