Screenshot of Cyber Gunner
Screenshot of Cyber Gunner
Screenshot of Cyber Gunner
Screenshot of Cyber Gunner
Screenshot of Cyber Gunner
Cyber Gunner

Cyber Gunner EA SEA

Provider Lemon Jam Studio
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Since the beginning of the space age, source codes have been providing a constant supply of energy for planets.

One day, the source codes of the three planets that provide the energy were exposed to a massive amount of sudden cosmic radiation, which mutated many of the giant creatures. Other inhabitants are forced to migrate to other planets for their livelihood.

The greedy leader of these mutated creatures began to affect all the surrounding inhabited planets that depend on the three major energy-providing planets, and the entire 7th Universe was thrown into chaos.

After that, the Interstellar Management has officially launched a rescue operation, and its code is:


Can you save the Universe?

- Side-Scrolling Shooting RPG-
An adventure game to save the universe and carry out a clean-up operation, inheriting the retro FC adventure crossover shooter RPG.

-Novel combat mechanics-
Classic side scroller shooting gameplay with interesting combat mechanics. Use three types of airships to destroy different enemies.

-Recruiting & Construction-
With over 20 different players to recruit, come and build your own space base!

-Unique skills & cool effects-
Each team member has their own unique skills, plus cool special effects animations to enjoy a tense and exciting spaceship battle!

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i like the game but the problem is the level system i mean each level is quick level so i don't have chance to use the special abilty and what i want is the level keep continue even after the level Ends for example Start game level 1-1>1-2>1-3>1-4>1-5>end level And then start again continue to stage 2-1>2-2>2-3>2-4>2-5 end keep going like that entil end of game
54 Views 2022/6/11
The main UI looks too cramped and ugly. Its not easy to sunderstant whats there and not pleasing to the eyes. As a main lobby it should have a clean and pleasing design. The stages feel too short for a space sarcade shooter. The base sensivity is too high. Its annoying to have a red dot for ad rewards. If it was for a REAL free summon sure, but dont put red dots (notifications) for ads. I like the artist you use for your games, but you fill them too much with ad stuff. Hope you get this one right since the gameplay is fun and the art is unique but the rest is ugh.
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