Screenshot of  Project X22
Screenshot of  Project X22
Screenshot of  Project X22
 Project X22

 Project X22 EA SA

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Let's choose legendary heroes, take unique weapons, enhance your gears in combat, and fight for the final victory against 3 different players in the 10-minute gameplay.

Breathtaking shooting to create your own combat style!

[No waiting, multi-team combat, unique ghost mode]
Fast and thrilling gameplay with 3 units in a squad combating with 3 other teams. The unique ghost mode allows you to revive quickly and scout.

[Legendary heroes and diverse weapons]
Legendary heroes can help you win with powerful skills. You can select assualt, machine or sniper rifles, shotgun, firegun, and
blast crossbow to combat.

[All new in-combat upgrade]
Collect resources to buy gears in combat and create your own fighting style. Every round is a new beginning.

[Balanced combat, social gaming]
Call your friends to create the powerful teams smashing the leaderboard and claim the glory.

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Video Star
Project x22 gameplay
1.7K Views 2022/6/14
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Gaming Mobile
Video Star
Project X22 - FPS Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/IOS)
34K Views 2022/6/12
Project X22 Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1
7.6K Views 2022/6/12
Project X22 ULTRA GRAPHICS Gameplay (Android, iOS) - Part 2
11K Views 2022/6/13
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484 Views 2022/6/18
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Top 10 Best Simulator Games 2022 For Android iOS with High Graphic
30K Views 2022/7/12
147 Views 2022/7/11
Graphic on Very High Looks Still Like Shit... Heats Phone Only 🙄 Battles with Stupid Bots That Stay Out of Map, Suicide and Let You Win 🤦 Server in Brasil. No Auto Shoot. Just Worse Version of Apex Legends Mobile
134 Views 2022/7/6
everyyoneof you in the comments saying this game is good that's bullshit everything that you say is bullshit y'all probably the devs trying to get clout this game is the the worst game ion taptap I can't even load into a single match
146 Views 2022/6/16
cool game but create a 4 vs 4 team fight mode For more sensations, a no stop on a mini map. In the battle royal, after you're killed, you have to wait to get back to the match and it's a bit demotivating when you think you're waiting for regeneration by a friend or automatically. It takes the pressure, the suspense, an adrenaline rush in a 4 vs 4 tag team fight that would be really cool!
74 Views 2022/6/30
I can't wait for this game to earn more players. Right now it can't be played because of a lack of players but the actual game is absolutely Amazing! It also seems that there are only brazil servers and no Canada servers.
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