Screenshot of War of Kingdoms
Screenshot of War of Kingdoms
Screenshot of War of Kingdoms
Screenshot of War of Kingdoms
Screenshot of War of Kingdoms
Screenshot of War of Kingdoms
War of Kingdoms

War of Kingdoms

Provider Chengdu Xinhuo Huyu Technology Co., Ltd.
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"War of Kingdoms" is a 3D national warfare strategy sand table ancient war game. The background is an overhead historical world where the world is divided into Kyushu. Players continue to develop themselves by occupying villages, county towns, county towns, state towns, and the lost king city of the Qin Dynasty. strength. During this period, the Three Kingdoms and many historical famous generals outside the Three Kingdoms were recruited to form allies vertically and horizontally, and build their own territory. The Kyushu war is everywhere, the sand table national war is conspiracy, and everything is done. The troubled times in the world are waiting for you to end!

[Mountains and rivers and terrain, wisdom and wisdom in the world]
The game includes many famous historical cities in the Three Kingdoms. The city features are real and beautiful, and the resources are even richer. It is a must for the Three Kingdoms War. Joint crusade by allies is the best policy.

【Strategies in the world, various ways to play】
In the battlefield of the world, the full 3D modeling real-time light effect will take you to reconstruct the scenery of the ancient city of the Three Kingdoms. In the early stage, players will get their own city with the terrain of the Three Kingdoms. As the cornerstone of a grand plan, players need to build a military and political city by themselves, and develop and grow themselves through resource allocation.

【Wenzhi Wugong Heroes】
The game has collected more than 100 heroes from the Three Kingdoms and many other countries, ranging from Taigong Jiang Shang, Zulong Yingzheng, traitor Cao Cao, etc. These heroes who could not meet, come here because of the chaos in the world. , If you want to control the political affairs and develop the military, you must be able to have strong officials and officials.

[The feudal rulers are divided into three kingdoms]
With the continuous development and growth of the powerful forces of the three kingdoms of all parties, it is inevitable that there will be a situation in which the feudal lords are separated. Neighboring players may be your allies, fighting side by side with you, or they may covet your territory and resources. Continuing to develop breakthroughs in this situation requires not only strong personal strength, but also reasonable diplomacy and team skills.

【Less win more than below】
In the Three Kingdoms War, there are countless classic battles where less wins more. Players can use all their strategies to fight side by side with allies in the Three Kingdoms to reproduce those incomparably classic battles.

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