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Jonathan Seberino
haven't played a ton of this game but it's seems good. I love the graphics and the dark styles. The story isn't bad either especially for a mobile game. The only things I'd have to say is I'd really like some voice acting. Some good voice acting can go along way. personally I don't like to read through a bunch of dialog. Besides that one really disappointing thing for me was that it's not control compatible. I don't see myself playing a lot of this for that reason alone which sucks because I do like the graphics and game mechanics. Personally controller compatible is a must for me. Especially bc I use my phone like a console and hook it up to a TV or monitor. I don't like to constantly look down well I'm playing. Plus playing with a controller just feels way better anyway.
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The combat design of this game is not bad. It has a kind of meaning of seeing tricks and dismantling tricks. It does not mean that you only need to fight with the boss in a ruthless manner, but you need to see the timing to break and attack, and also pay attention to dodge attacks.
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After the characters in this game are awakened, they don’t need stamina to roll and dodge, and their attributes are enhanced. The fight is really exciting, very decompressing, close to the real strike feel and a magical battle screen. I really want to fight the BOSS to the end.
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First impression of Blade of God 2
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Steal Plow
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this game is unique the game sdevelopment done such a great job. But I feel it's unfinished obviouslyit's not ready for global launch yet it's because of lack authentics in the game.  But combat is awesome and the boss fights are fun as he'll too.
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Soulslike games’s fans offer a small expectation, I hope the official will not live up to it. To be honest, I was very happy when I saw the iconic BOOS battle and physical strength settings, because there are basically no manufacturers of soulslike games in mobile games who are willing to try it, because the audience is small, and it is really difficult to do it well. But since the official is willing to try, no matter what the results of the work are, at least the original intention is good. I wish the game and the production team better and better, and I also look forward to the launch of the game!
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Not to mention anything else, at least the game has its own exclusive design for the game's combat. In various demo videos and developer logs, you can basically see the core combat mechanism of this game, mainly to avoid monster attacks , and seize the monster's flaws (blue dots on the body) to interrupt the monster's movement and create output opportunities for yourself. The overall battle process is quite refreshing, and the skills can be well connected, it is estimated that the experience will be good. , look forward to it.
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From the demo videos of various platforms, it can be seen that the special effects and graphics of this game are really excellent. The graphics and monsters match very well, there is no sense of incongruity, and the special effects are very good. The only fly in the ointment is BOOS and characters. The weight of the weapon is not well reflected, and the sense of oppression is not enough. I hope the official can strengthen the experience of this part, and I feel that the battle is very oppressive.
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