Addicting and realistic trucker simulator on mobile
108K Views 2022/9/6
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A Surprisingly Engaging Jaunt Down the Highway – Truckers of Europe 3 Review
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Spectacular trucks, if you can handle them - Truckers of Europe 3 [First Impressions] Gameplay
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Truckers of Europe 3 Review
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Truckers Of Europe 3 by Wanda Software | Wheels Customization, New MAP, New Truck Information
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384 Views 2022/9/6
The game is fantastically fun because it gives a smooth and close to reality gaming experience. The graphics are awesome as well as the sound. I don’t think I have ever seen a game that looks like it or can compete with it. It is indeed the best simulation game for big trucks. In the end, I believe that it is the “only” integrated simulation game and it deserves the title of King of Truck Simulation.
Driving the future
23K Views 2022/9/8
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HThe best graphics mobile game I've ever played in my life! Everything is really perfect... But the only thing missing is the number of trucks, if a few more trucks are added, believe me, it's the best mobile game in the world. HE
مملكه الالعاب /
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The game is very fun to fix, it needs stuff, I mean number one, the night is dark and dark blue, at sunset, it needs to be improved, the internal camera needs to be improved with your reading, the places change places as they are and make the player get bored with the game
The best clone of ETS in 2022 so far!
1.6K Views 2022/9/15
As big fan of SCS Software games like 18 Wheels of Steel Hard Truck, Bus Driver, ETS, ETS2, ATS. This game looking very good and it's the 1st game on mobile that is very similar to PC. Graphics are very good as for mobile game standards for open world. I like that Progressive steering and entire look of HUD. I'm looking forward in very high hopes that game will be more developed and even expanded, because it missing many content that are not yet released and even not planned. But i have big hope that it will grow into something bigger and even get Convoy feature like in ETS2 or ATS.
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