Spencer Bellem
its definately a game for a certain type of few...its strategic,it deals with cards but is set up like a final fantasy type thing...and it was hard for me to learn the controls...but overall, i would recommend trying it out for sure...
3 Views 2022/9/27
Jae Rose
No way this is back?!
20 Views 2022/9/19
I had no idea this came back! I remember on pc when it got it's servers taken down cause no one played it. It made me insanely sad because this is probably my favorite card game to ever exist honestly. With a banging soundtrack, unique cards and graphics, i actually enjoyed the game
Mykhailo Bairaka
0 Views 2022/9/8
2 Views 2022/8/3
Dũng Đại Nhân
Great game!
9 Views 2022/7/29
for pp who don't know this is a fan recreation project of a game that close in 2020. I very existing to play
437 Views 2022/7/21
What the heck is this game! Is like an game where knowledged and luck makes you the winner. I literally tried so hard to win, 1 win out of 4 matches is quite good but I only got lucky. There are a lot op strategy but can be beaten with other great strategy. This game is for hardcore card strategy gamers which I am not. Great Game.
If this had PVE like the PoC in LoR, this would be so fucking great would be fucking fun
161 Views 2022/7/24
Its somewhat good, but I can slightly feel some imbalance shit going on in the game cause those red shits  are so fucking hard to overwhelmed while it seems that it can easily overwhelmed me. I can really tell that if this followed the PoC of Legends of Runeterra, this would be so fucking fun!
Welcome back
11 Views 2022/7/21
Played duelyst back on pc and I've enjoyed it. The  graphics are stunning for a pixel perfect game. Gameplay-wise is a mix of turn based JRPG and card game. The game modes  seems to be against bots( i have not played long) and it's alright it gets you to learn the cards.
plague city
2 Views 2022/7/27
it lags,has bugs but it has nice pixel graphics Gameplay is nice. Feels like un balance game.
I hope the gane release soon on mobile.
11 Views 2022/7/17
i playerd the pc version 3 years ago, this game is turn based pvp GOD. Magmar faction Fanatic, VAATH THE IMMORTAL is my favorite general. Please bring it back.
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