Screenshot of Slay Zombie:Card Game
Screenshot of Slay Zombie:Card Game
Screenshot of Slay Zombie:Card Game
Screenshot of Slay Zombie:Card Game
Screenshot of Slay Zombie:Card Game
Slay Zombie:Card Game

Slay Zombie:Card Game

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A doomsday survival game integrating simulation and deck building.
In a resource poor world, set up a survivor team to collect materials and guard your home.
You have to deal with all kinds of emergencies and decide the fate of the shelter!

◆◆Doomsday shelter◆◆
The end is coming, and the war between humans and zombies has begun.
In the economic depression of the doomsday world, you must make rational use of the skills of survivors in order to survive in the doomsday.

Multiple simulation gameplay:
▶Set up a search team:Purchase vehicles and weapons, search for supplies in different areas and build more security zones.
▶Enable factory production:Organize survivors to go to the safety zone for production work to obtain compensation and improve the scientific and technological productivity of the safety zone.
▶Trading in underground markets:The rule of making money in the black market is not to miss low-priced goods.
▶There is more interesting content here.

◆◆Solve tough problems with card deck◆◆
You will face an endless stream of emergencies. Each encounter may be a choice between life and death.
Build the best deck and join the classic card battle immediately!

Build your own deck:

▶Increase attack power: use high attack power to kill zombies in a second.
▶Increase shield value: stack high shields to resist zombie attacks.
▶Bounce damage: collect cards with negative effects and bounce them out.
▶There are more card combinations here.

◆◆Roguelike is everywhere◆◆
Whether you prefer simulation or deck building. You can have a different game experience in every game.

【Honor & Achievement】
√ 2021GWB Winner of the "Winning Award" of the independent game Grand Prix.

【contact us】
Support Email:[email protected]

Down load now. Rule the doomsday world!

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