Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Screenshot of Garden Affairs
Garden Affairs

Garden Affairs

Provider Judian Technology International Pte. Ltd.
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Design your perfect home in Garden Affairs, a dazzling Match-3 puzzle game!

Beat clever Match-3 levels with incredible boosters to decorate the mansion of your dreams, foster adorable pets, and unlock new chapters of the exciting story!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wild adventures of Alice, Joey, their friends… and their foes! What are you waiting for? Let’s get renovating!

Game Features:
• Customize your estate with hundreds of furniture options to create a unique mansion
• Interact with intriguing characters and follow the dramatic story - full of surprises, action, and romance
• Relax with a multitude of fun match-3 puzzles
• Enjoy new levels with unique features which are constantly being added
• Play seasonal events for stunning redesigns
• Take on limited time challenges to win extra special rewards

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6 Views 2022/8/2
In this game iam facing many bugs and crashes and story was not se interesting and this game is good and i give 5 stars but the reason i tell you event was not so interesting and graphics was not so beautiful 😒 please improve your game than i can change my review
Burning Chrome
10 Views 2022/8/8
I finally downloaded after watching the add a thousand times, I'm glad I did! Great graphics..beautiful decoration, BUT, it IS NOT Garden Affairs Why Women Murder as it is advertised, so don't fall for the okie doke. And SECOND, it's just another Gardendscape or another Homescape except it's a woman character...Game is slow on loading next levels and such... and this is why I deleted it
1 View 2022/8/9
Silly storyline, another skin-change game. Saw its animated ad on Instagram and tried, super disappointed and frustrated with games where you have to beat levels in order to gain enough points to progress
1 View 2022/8/9
I understand the developer wants to make money, however I am not on higher levels and have big issues progressing. Impossible to play continuously unless I use all my accumulated bombs plus purchasing time. This makes it a little hard for me to play.
TapTap Explorer
7 Views 2022/8/5
I got rid of the trash game. I used to benefit from the game until the first update. But only the first upgrade! It glides constantly now. Now, when I return to the game, I have to repeat the levels and design over the game loses all my progress. Upgrading again, if it goes on, I'll just delete the game
4 Views 2022/8/2
I deleted the trash game. I was enjoying the game up until the first update. But just the first update! It glides constantly now. Now when I go back to the game I have to repeat levels and design more bc the game is losing all my progress. Updating again, if it continues I will just delete the game. Update: The only app that says wifi connection lost. Seriously?
As batman said...
6 Views 2022/8/7
This game reminds me a famous quote from batman——rich is my superpower. You can spend money to pass all level. Not a bad game, but if you want to get a great experience in this game, you have to be f*cking rich.
3 Views 2022/8/9
I was fully enjoying this game. Love the game and love the story that’s included with it but some of the levels are obnoxiously hard for no reason. The only way to make it is to buy power ups etc. (who pays $2000 for a plant?) Needs more working because the amount of dismissing the problems is frustrating to see. Hope you can rectify the problem. Thank you.
Cash-grabbing Game
2 Views 2022/7/29
Even though I paid a lot, I still got stuck on a level for several days. The levels just got too hard after about level 160! And the game also takes too many stars for useless activities, that’s just not interesting. I like the graphics and some of the whimsy of the game, but I must say that the level design is really bad. When I realized that I had spent too much time and money on this game, I decided to uninstall it. Hope this will be improved in the future.
3 Views 2022/8/9
So far so good just started playing it when I'm at doctors office or while doing my chemo treatments. Helps pass the time etc. Will update post after I've played a little long. Great graphs storyline so far.
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