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Next bot
17 Views 02/26/2023
Nextbot(school mode)
13 Views 02/25/2023
next bot sudway mod
17 Views 02/26/2023
It's been a while. Nextbot play.
16 Views 02/23/2023
2 Views 12/23/2022
Christianity is the most persecuted religion. Dont celebrate Christmas or Easter if your not celebrating it as a Christian since they are Christian holidays which are not meant to be celebrated in a pagan way. why dont u celebrate ramadan in unreligious way? because u respect islam, and u disrespect christianity. Islam converted, persecuted, destroyed other religions for 1400 years till now. Arabs are only kind when they are the minority in a country but when u go to their countries you are persecuted .
ཕའཇ ངའཉོཇམ
0 Views 01/02/2023
I lovE  this
Plushie Man YT
Simple to play, but sure fun
786 Views 09/25/2022
the game shows a little bit of mechanics,like climbing, crouching,jumping and healing although these mechanics may be simple but they really need you to focus your brain to survive, putting the game on random nextbot will randomize nextbots everytime you die, which will make the gameplay even more intense, every Map has a special way of healing, I hope we get more maps and next bots and even modifiers like infinite stamin, no health, no run, small nextbots, more nextbots, and even more, don't give up on this game, it's really cool and I hope to see more of it
Arvi Daisuki
86 Views 10/26/2022
add a customize monster so we can upload transparent background png/gif of a our own monsters or enemies
Garbage just buy gmod
20 Views 09/27/2022
running speed has tto build up but its so slow the only way to live is to exit to the main meju and uninstall
Ishaan Mehra
'Nextbot chasing' review
17 Views 11/20/2022
This is very good horror game kindly add open able doors and breakable window like Garry's mod p
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