Apex Legends Is Dead, Play Skyfall Chasers Instead
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Skyfall Chasers Review
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Alright, I vote for Skyfall Chasers. 😏 I played it for half an hour, and to be honest, it’s quite a unique experience! Unlike most battle royales, the goal of this one is to collect enough Starlight to win. The graphic is awesome and it runs smoothly on my phone. It’s worth mentioning that the game has really decent voice-acting, which surprised me. Looking forward to its full release.
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you guys really had the audacity to make apex legends say it's yours huh? Like, there's already an official mobile port and your doing this? I know you might be making this to make money but fraud and thievery is a serious deal if wanted to make money you should be respectful and NOT STEAL
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so... this is basically just apex "inspired" br but instead of regular br its literally just a plunder mode from warzone... the goal is not to survive till the end but to collect 10k starlight (?) which you can get by farming or kill other people... whichever team collect 10k starlight first win... aside from the many bug,glitches,and performance issue, this could be a fun "br" to play...
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Extremely unique and really enjoyable! Would highly recommend you watch the tutorial video for the game before playing found in the menu as you will definetely need it! Overall a really good game! Needs more players! Just happy I finally found an fps game thats unique
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This game has real potential. So far I am liking it maybe a few more choices in weapons and maybe some attachments for augmenting. But I'm really enjoying it. Kudos. Keep up the good work.
Is anyone playing this game? ?
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thisIs this game still a beta version? I connect to the US node and it shows a network error,andAnd I wonder if anyone is playing online at the same time?becauseBecause I feel like a stand-alone game that no one plays online!
Better for pc
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game is not optimized for mobile. It made my phone do many resets. Game idea is great but sadly unplayable for me. (Edit) Why I believe it is the game is because I can run so many other games like Apex legends mobile, Standoff 2, Minecraft, and such. It is possible the it is just tap tap; or for some reason, my phone. I belve I have a OnePlus Nord N100
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Horrible game  still Laggy on low graphics and kicked me out of a game due to performance reasons this game is a rip off.
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