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Who says boys can't play with dolls? - Neural Cloud Quick Review
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Neural Cloud Review. Gacha that managed to surprise me.
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Project Neural Cloud Is A MUST Play For Any Gamer...
1K Views 11/22/2022
First time play girls frontline lore,gacha didnt get fragment when dupe??thats too bad
1.2K Views 7d
please add skip button on auto battle
1.5K Views 11/22/2022
this game is F2P friendly (for me)
454 Views 3d
'Neural Cloud' review
73 Views 4d
the prequel we need, but a gacha that was not necessary. girls frontline is not a simple gacha, why make it one?, release EN it is very bad with so many server problems, now they bring us an horrible mechanical squat and an automatic mode?, where is ka strategy?, where is the tactic?, where is the originality?. tremendous disappointment, a good story turned into a generic gacha, i hope that GFL2 don't be another disgusting gacha, and keep the original GfL.
Zacker Gamer A
Neural Cloud & 2 Giftcodes - How to Redeem Code
701 Views 11/21/2022
Dressed To Impress And No Substance...
83 Views 6d
Intro Dialogue was unnecessary at first instead of playing the introduction video they have after. It feels like you're boring players with lore that they're not invested into yet! Then after that there's a video that's really cool but then you have a casual conversation with a character while the background is a building getting attacked and it's flaming and nearly in ruins. There's no sense of urgency for the characters. The game then thrusts you into an odd battle system with overfilled screen of characters who are pretty looking which is fine but just feels token of Gacha Games. It doesn't have good pacing and I can tell I won't enjoy it.
sita bie
29 Views 3d
Best game in my opinion. Interesting gameplay with cute chibi 3D models , 2D art and the animation is beautiful. Gacha rating is good . Beside that, you need to learn a lot about team comps and strategy to understand the fun and excitement of this game. This game is worth your time to experience.
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