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Screenshot of Aim Lab Mobile
Screenshot of Aim Lab Mobile
Screenshot of Aim Lab Mobile
Screenshot of Aim Lab Mobile
Screenshot of Aim Lab Mobile
Screenshot of Aim Lab Mobile
Aim Lab Mobile

Aim Lab Mobile

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Aim Lab Mobile is the pro players’ preferred aim training tool, designed to help improve aim and all the essential skills required to dominate in your favorite FPS and Battle Royale games. Whether you’re brand new to mobile FPS or Battle Royale games or a seasoned veteran, Aim Lab Mobile is a FREE aim trainer that’s sure to level up your play and secure those chicken dinners you’ve been dreaming of.

Ready to elevate your play? Check out how Aim Lab Mobile will help you improve in the games you love.

[Simulate Your Favorite Game’s Settings]
The key to better aim is 1-to-1 training, and to help with that process, we’ve included profile presets to match the settings of your favorite games. Customize each preset and adjust the button layout or create your very own.

[Have Fun While You Train]
Just because you’re training to be the best doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re at it. Aim Lab Mobile offers 15 minigame-like tasks (with more to come) that focus on specific skills required for hitting that #1 leaderboard spot. Train for speed, accuracy, reaction time, flick shots, reflexes, headshots, and much more.

Train in a task that fits your specific aim training needs or jump into a pre-made playlist to test and improve all aspects of your game. As you progress through the levels, more playlists and tasks will become available, each one pushing your skills further and further.

We know winning isn’t just about tapping wildly until victory is yours, so we have designed tasks that improve your aim in specific areas:

Cognition Training: Improves decision-making skills.
Flick Shot Training: Improves accuracy shooting numerous targets.
Perception Training: Improves visual detection to fire as soon as a target appears.
Precision Training: Improves directional precision to hit randomly spawning targets.
Speed Training: Improves directional accuracy and speed.
Tracking Training: Improves reactivity and prediction to track the path of a moving target.

[Time To Show Off]
Everyone likes to show off their style and skills, amirite? Unlock achievements, banners, avatars, and more to create a custom profile, and share with your friends or in the leaderboards. Watch your profile rise up the leaderboards as you improve, challenging friends and rivals to top your best playthroughs.

[Train For Your Playstyle]
Everyone has their go-to loadout, and in Aim Lab Mobile you can select from multiple weapons to help you train single taps, recoil control, and quick scopes. Choose from pistols, AR’s, snipers, and shotguns to train with your preferred weapon. If there’s a specific weapon you want to train for, create a custom recoil pattern or even custom weapon to take your training to the next level.

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