Tower Sim: Pixel Tycoon City

Tower Sim: Pixel Tycoon City

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Become a CEO and turn your Business into a billion dollar empire. Assign roles of secretary, financial officer to favorite celebrities and run the show.<p>Pick from your favorite politicians like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton; business tycoons like Steve Jobs, and build a multi-billion dollar business.</p>
<p>Are you up for the challenge to make billion dollars? If yes, then, read this short manual carefully. If you directly want to start, then scroll down to the bottom and read “How to Play” section while the game is being installed. </p>
<p>What is Tower Simulation Game?<br>Tower Simulation (Tower Sim) is a latest simulation game which will keep you glued to your phone screen for hours. In this game, the goal is to build up a mega money tower for your super mall kingdom &amp; Megapolis. It is very easy to understand, so read on.</p>
<p>Famous celebrities around the world will help you to manage different shops and businesses. Your job, as the venture's CEO, is to allocate those celebrities wisely. So, arrange resources for the best performance. </p>
<p>This game is packed with a lot of features, have shops to help you make revenue, and much more. </p>
<p>Features that will help you make most out of the game<br>1. Invite celebrities to help you to build up the tower. Trump, Hillary, Obama and many more celebrities with different abilities and skills!<br>2. Upgrade your tower and make more money from your Simcity &amp; Megapolis<br>3. Unlock over 70 Celebrities and over 100 talents to finish the collection!<br>3. Upgrade and unlocks over 200 products!<br>4. Discover over 70 items and gears!<br>5. Discover secret boxes for special chance to get bonus!<br>6. Compete with every tycoon over the world!<br>7. Unlock White House, Police Station, Logistics Centre, Casino, Parks and more for special events!<br>OVER 50 Types of SHOPS<br>Restaurant, Pizza, Fast Food, Coffee Shop, Design House, Bitcoin Bank, Cooking Center, Football Club, Basketball Court, and more!<br>Catch Up on Fever of 2016 presidential elections<br>Out of all the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump games, this would leave you entertained the most. Pick Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or any other celebrity, and run your business.</p>
<p>HOW TO PLAY</p>
<p>1. You work as a founder of the city. You need to pick up one celebrity (either Obama, Trump, Hillary and more) as the CEO for your business. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and hundreds of other celebrities like Steve Jobs are available to choose.<br>2. Build a new shop, new restaurant and assign a celebrity to startup the business.<br>3. Buy in resources from markets and fill up the orders.<br>4. Collect Friend Chips and upgrade your managers and buildings!<br>5. Unlock new hotels and generate more income!<br>6. Join the leadership board and become billionaire!</p>
<p>FOR FUN AND COLLECT ALL TALENTS<br>1. You have to manage all talents to build up the tower. It simulates how to run business and buy in resources<br>2. Allocates friend chips to upgrade different properties, buildings, towns and towers<br>3. Tower Sim has the unique game play that you can't miss!<br>4. Compete for your country and be the world's top billionaire!<br>So, don’t hold back and explore this Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump game today. Whether you are a big fan of Hillary Clinton games or Donald Trump Games, you are certain to like it.<br>Install this now and explore this super addictive free game. Hit the install button to explore one of the best free simulation game now!</p>
<p>For Support/Comments, please visit:<br>网页链接;br>Thanks, and happy playing!</p>

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