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LIVE! Join Brotato’s First Android Beta Test!
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Brotato : Quick Game Review
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Brotato First OPEN BETA Test coming in 24h
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Brotato, a Top Down Roguelite Shooter, is Now Available for Pre-Order on iOS and Android
211 Views 02/22/2023
The top-down roguelite shooter Brotato was released on Steam early access in September of last year and will soon be available on mobile devices thanks to Erabit Studios. We have the fantastic 20 Minutes Till Dawn on mobile thanks to Erabit Studios. During its early access phase, Brotato gained a lot of traction on Steam. A buddy of mine once compared it to The Binding of Isaac and Vampire Survivors. Although I haven't played it yet, that comparison peaked my attention. Before August 2023, Brotato for mobile will get a premium release.
Aris Imparo
13 Views 06/22/2023
                (Mobile premium) It was fun and cool but it keeps crashing all the time but it's good and also danger 1 is vary hard but it's a fun game just not enough to be paying for the premium edition
30 Views 06/19/2023
I finally bought the full version of this game because I enjoy the vampire survivors style gameplay but the weapon variety is fantastic in this game. There are also a lot of different potato characters that have their own unique buffs and debuffs to change up the style of gameplay. Graphically is fairly basic and I prefer the graphics of this companies other game 20 minutes til dawn more but this game is extremely fun.
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61 Views 03/28/2023
Brotato on mobile so cooool!!!
128 Views 12/20/2022
I've played it on steam, it's a pigeon shooting game from a third perspective. You need to manipulate your potato man to resist 20 waves of attacks and successfully kill the final boss to win the game. What makes people obsessed is that there are so many characters in the game, and different characters have different skills. At the same time, the combination of dozens of weapons is also addictive.
16 Views 08/27/2023
Challenging gameplay with each character
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