Screenshot of Defender of Stars TD
Screenshot of Defender of Stars TD
Screenshot of Defender of Stars TD
Screenshot of Defender of Stars TD
Screenshot of Defender of Stars TD
Defender of Stars TD

Defender of Stars TD

Provider mnmfun

Survive till the end and save planets!
Ancient giants are wreaking havoc in the universe of “Defender of Stars”.You must be the
Chosen one! Please get them out of our home!

Explore different stars, build ultra weapons, “save” planets from ancient monsters! Don't forget to keep yourself and your base safe! Be alive until the rocket is fixed then leave the planet!

It's my pleasure to introduce our game---Defender of Stars------A Tower defend game with survivor mode! Upgrade weapons to smash crazy monsters or upgrade the door to be the last survivor? Build resource towers to improve capacity or enhance turrets to destroy monsters when they are still weak? Please enjoy a strategical and heart beating TD!

How to play ******
※First, get a nice base-----of course, you should kick out other “Heroes”
※Second, develop your base------more resource or weapons? It’s up to your strategy.
※Last, be the last survivor------or destroy monsters before other “Heroes”

※Heroes with unique skills-----safe planets with diverse strategy
※Challenged monsters-----you will know what is despair when the monsters make skill combos
※Upgrade and evolve legendary weapons-----normal, aoe, long range....its up to your strategy.
※More mode are coming----Play as monster, break records in endless mode

Notice ******
※If a red countdown appears, get into a base right away or no one will be able to guarantee your safety on the planet.
※Please do not follow other people into a base. If you enter a base and find someone, leave as soon as possible.
※Get in the workshop after entering a base. Generate resource to build towers.
※If a monster breaks the door, press the repair button to fix it.

Save planets from monsters, be a legendary universal cop!

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