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Hardcore Gamer
22 Views 11/04/2021
Another great unique idea of a multiplayer game in space with a generic paid to play aspect on it, I played this game like a 1 hour and I didn't even understand what should I supposed to do, The game is just put you on random matchmaking battles and because it's a space airplane game, so anyone who have a better weapon is going aim you from mails aways and beat your ass really really bad, so if you are up for a game where you're going to lose no matter what unless you are willing to pay with generic multiplayer game,,, after every match is over you will get this bonus thing I don't even honestly understand what if that is, it's kind of a reward but if you select that reward they will show you a ad and even after that ad you are not getting anything, I honestly don't know what the developers are trying to do, the main menu are messy there is no explanation, they try to rip off another really great game which was single player and it was released many years ago and yes it was Android game and these people just rip that game off and make this another generic multiplayer shitty game, don't west your time with this game,
Lakeisha Yuri(yingnaixing)
6 Views 01/23/2022
Let's just say, the early stage was very good. Since my second stage, my laser gatling has been following a plane. It hardly moves, and I don't move, and then I hit it. The damage is invincible, but it's useless. I can't even move the shield. I'm really speechless. I knocked out the four-layer shield and instantly filled it up. I'm still playing a fart. How to play this game like opening and hanging?(就这样说吧,前期非常好,自从我二级之后,我的激光加特林一直跟着一个飞机走,它几乎不动,我也不动,然后就打,那伤害简直无敌,但是没有什么用,我连护盾都打不动,我真的是无语了,打掉了四层护盾护盾一瞬间回满了,我还玩个屁啊,跟开挂似的怎么玩,这游戏真不是一般的垃圾)
4 Views 05/13/2022
i like the game but for some reason this game is removed from playstore and now i can't log into my account i lost my progress please help me recover my data
0 Views 10/18/2021
Still you can't play this without Google play and it is updated im guessing.
Quaveeion Blassingame
1 View 03/16/2022
I can wait to play this game on my iPhone😁😁😃😃😀😀
Tuấn khoai to
0 Views 12/26/2020
Why is it not updated
алексей филимонов
0 Views 10/16/2022
Разрабы, пора бы уже и поддержку геймпадов завезти. Да и ценовая политика с удушающим фармом поднадоела. Но в целом все на в
Shine Sunlight
Посмотрим как и с чем её едят🔥💯🤗👍😺
1 View 10/06/2022
5 Views 05/05/2022
Игра уникальна но гемплей однотипный , хотелось бы нечто вроде star conflict.
0 Views 06/03/2019
逐渐开始颗金 新出的护卫战列简直太无敌 三个自动炮塔小飞机根本近不了身 现在更新后玩法全变了 都在家里站桩输出 难有当年大乱斗的场景了 而且把护卫战列这种高级船一起匹配到中级场 这怎么打??
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