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44 Views 5d
İt is good. İt is better then the previous version cuz they fixed the optimization and menu. İ couldnt even play the last version 20 fps but now its 30-45 they really fixed the lag problem. İ download the game from here cuz my device is not compateble yet. The downside is the maps and the hit boxes. Events are ok. Seasons are a little too long if you ask me but its fine i guess. All the game really needs is indoor maps back and some updates for the new bugs a strong 8/10 for me
238 Views 03/17/2023
Dead by daylight Behaviour was great... The netease version feel stiff and the sound isn't loud enough.
46 Views 03/21/2023
good updates very satisfied! I like the new features and the relics, rifts which overall it's good. yesterday I went 6 match que against rank 20s killer you get to play with bots at rank 20 as well, after few decent match que I got in violet ranks. with the few unlucky matches I played quick match instead to get the other survivors perks. anyway good job behavior or... Netease
Enggal Santoso
155 Views 03/18/2023
In the other game, if update be better always.. But in this case, so worse.. Bring back dbd behavior old... This game make me suck..
52 Views 03/17/2023
The Game is running smoothly than the previous version. And add some microphone support for better playing
5 Views 03/22/2023
I want to get auric cells without paying for them. I can't buy them because I play this game in Japan. Please introduce the way to get them, for example by buying at the blood market or by achieving rituals.
Ido Sambada
42 Views 03/18/2023
Pretty good job so far. Wish they could make the top up system way easier especially for region outside US
Shikara _
2 Views 4d
Just need some otimization and bug fixes like when you're playing as killer and your joystick gets locked because why not
27 Views 03/20/2023
The game is good, but no in game mic to communicate with your teammates make it suck.
33 Views 03/19/2023
Alright, game is pretty cool when you not playing the victim that is The graphics are pretty good The controls are great as well This is a hit
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