Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize
Screenshot of Beecarbonize


Provider Charles Games
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Do you have what it takes to save the planet? Beecarbonize is an environmental card strategy game with climate change as your opponent. Research cutting-edge technologies, enact policies, protect ecosystems, and modernize industry to cut down carbon emissions. Manage your resources well and you might survive.

Will you favor industrial reforms, nature conservation or people initiatives? There are many ways to solve climate change and reduce pollution. But saving the planet is not an easy task. The more carbon emissions you produce the more extreme events you will have to deal with.

You have to balance the power-generating industry, social reforms, ecological policies and scientific endeavors. Will you transition from fossil fuels as fast as possible? Or will you focus on carbon capture technologies first? Experiment with new strategies and don’t be afraid to start again.

Game cards represent inventions, laws, social advancements, or industries - each designed on the basis of real-world climate science. In addition, partially randomized world events occur, forcing you to adapt your strategy. Gradually unlock new cards in the game encyclopedia and chart your path towards a new future.

The world of Beecarbonize reacts to your actions. More emissions mean more floods or heatwaves, investing in nuclear power raises the risk of a nuclear incident, and so on. Learn more with each run and you might overcome environmental catastrophes, social unrest, and even avert the end of life on earth.

Beecarbonize is a strategic challenge that lets you experience phenomena shaping our everyday lives hands-on. Just how many seasons can you last?


We are introducing Hardcore mode, the ultimate challenge in Beecarbonize for experienced players. In Hardcore mode you will face the harsh reality of climate change. Can you defy the odds and save the planet even in this extreme scenario?

The game was developed in cooperation with leading climate experts from NGO People in Need as a part of the 1Planet4All project financed by the European Union.

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Tâm Mai Thiện
0 Views 07/08/2024
Thats nice and fun game. Thanks for hard work👍 Pros:
12 Views 03/14/2024
An pointlessly shallow puzzle/card game... Five minutes to get the hang of it 30 minutes at most to beat it.
Nguyên Thảo
22 Views 02/27/2024
Good game, creative gameplay
I miss my toaster oven
40 Views 05/30/2024
This is like my 3rd review on a game on Taptap. To give some context I haven't used this app in like forever mainly because I got bored but came back and found this game. For what this game is, it's awesome. The intro: Beecarbonizer from now on I will call Carbonizer is a great puzzle "deck" building game. For what you get and what you pay ( nothing ) it's great. The game centers around you some way or another finding a way to solve climate change. The game get some getting used to because the worst part of this game is the tutorial. It's very hard to understand some most of the time your learning on the go.  There are 3 resources being " Resources" ( purple ) , "Man power" ( Orange ) and Science ( Blue ). As you build your world you must manage disasters and the ever building up carbon emissions bar. The high it grows the more problems you have until it reach full and your world collapses if you hadn't died anytime earlier.
I returned, had that fun and broke that balance once again. Brand new hard mode is fun and challenging. Even after unlocking all possible stuff it forced me to care and microcontrol x10 times compared to normal mode. I'll wait for the new content and working achievements and leaderboard 12 robobees/10 world hungers. Beautiful indie gem
774 Views 11/21/2023
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1.4K Views 09/06/2023
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4K Views 06/12/2024
Oji san
593 Views 03/10/2023
I played it and then after a few minutes I deleted it.
Gehrman, The First Hunter
Turn a new leaf and save the bees :)
965 Views 03/08/2023
I had the chance to play Beecarbonize pre-launch and I’m having a wonderful time. Or, at least, as wonderful a time as my morals let me while figuring out how to protect ecosystems and also further the human race’s achievements and sustainability.Created by Charles Games – known for the iconic title Svoboda 1945: Liberation – Beecarbonize is a different type of title for the studio, and is made in collaboration with leading climate experts to give a correct message, and represent real advances that we’ve made. The developer took inspiration from notable card-based games like Cultist Simulator and Stacklands, which is evident in the clean design and easy playability of Beecarbonize.The gameplay is easy to get into and has plenty of cards (120 to be exact) to ensure different results when new things are tried in each run. There’s also speed options if you want to hurry up your industrialisation or slow it down a bit.The game hammers home its message, and with good reason. It opens our eyes to how much damage industries are doing to the planet but reminds us that it’s at least somewhat reversible with the right actions
This is a game about science and you need strategy to win
1.1K Views 03/04/2023
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