Screenshot of Monster Nerd
Screenshot of Monster Nerd
Screenshot of Monster Nerd
Screenshot of Monster Nerd
Screenshot of Monster Nerd
Monster Nerd

Monster Nerd

Provider Matthew Cook
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Join the MONSTER NERD FAMILY in their ever such ADDICTIVE tenacious fight amongst one another! Years of office abuse from their boss has caused the nerds to have snapped and go out on a vengeful rampage. Whether it will be at their office, a train, or even outer space, these wacky nerds simply can’t resist the urge to whack the nearest person’s head in their continual bid to vent themselves off.


* Fun, Easy-to-pick-up
* 2-PLAYER game on a single device


* Discover the UNIQUE graphics
* Join the tour to 6 Different places around the WORLD

Play this fun, easy-to-pick-up reaction game in either single or MULTIPLAYER mode! As soon as the clock hand stops in one direction. DON’T THINK! Quickly press the button with the matching direction! Win your friends by simply making the correct response before they do. Enjoy a 60-second game of exciting fun and action, but be warned, everything about the nerds, the clock and even your opponent are out there to distract your focus. Will you handle all the chaos? Or become a MONSTER NERD?

Possibly the most finely tuned and elaborate rendition of a classic mini-game on Google Play Store! Choose from 5 different characters, each primed with their own themes, to fight in 6 possible environments. This production features high quality graphics, rich sounds and stunning animation effects, all just to bring you a reaction-based game that could be played on the fly.

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