Nakano Nino
Regarding on new update
8 Views 2022/8/21
New update sucks,they change the graphics of the keys,the background of the piano while playing.I used to love this game so much i consider buy one and learn by listening on the in game songs but after not playing a while and installed it  recently the  game is like so distant i  didn't even  notice that these even the game i used to love playing😢
16 Views 2021/11/4
Few rhythm games on the market focus on classical music. I learned piano when I was a kid, and it was a wonderful time. But now I'm afraid I can't afford it because we all know that housing prices are so expensive, it's not easy to find a place to put a piano, especially with the neighbors' accusations, so I’m happy for finding this game. First of all, the theme is unique, classic music, it’s hard to find a similar game. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, you can name it, basically include all the masterpieces of that time, from the Baroque era to the Late Romantic era.
1 View 2019/10/8
excellent Rhythm game that can be played by experience gamers or someone new to this new of game by selection of different skill levels in the same piece of music. ~_~ Expansive selection of classical music to play, Notes are mapped in perfect synchrony to the musical piece. ^o^ I love the daily online league challenges. superb Corp has done a great job keeping the selection music fresh regular updates and adittions. (if there a big update coming, please include a volume sitting of music and sound effect etc.... some music are so low). I hope you fix it ≧∇≦
32 Views 2022/2/27
There's only one word to sum up this incredible game! WOW. The physics is 100% accurate, and the transcriptions are spot on. Don't expect an easy go of it. it's fucking nightmarishly difficult, as the vid I'm posting will show you. I finally managed to 5 star this wickedly difficult piece. it really helps if you're a) a musician and b) are familiar with the pieces. if you are neither, good luck lol
8 Views 2019/10/9
I love the game. The music are great. This is one of good rhythm games out there. Definitely worth to try although lots of songs are unlocked. Dunno how to unlock them all unless you top up which sucks. Hopefully they unlock more songs for free. I actually enjoy playing this game. Its challenging.
Battle Legit
5 Views 2020/10/27
After a year of play time I have this is the best only classical music game out here .There are 50 free pieces and the rest is paid but in the game there is a master tour which gives you free jewels ( when you cleared each pieces) to buy premium stuff in game .If you tend to buy something in game I recommend buying the Prestige (7 days ) because it's the cheapest and it's unlock all pieces permanently even after the prestige period ends (if you clear at least one piece in each pack) with some other benefits.
0 Views 2019/10/12
Hands down the best rhythm game for me. Just one request please make the game playable offline, like pretty please? Or just make a buy to play that can be played offline, I wouldn't mind paying at a reasonable price.
0 Views 2022/3/31
I know practice makes perfect... so why stop me when I want to practice 🙃
Izumi Gamer
4 Views 2022/4/20
bullshit the touch is so bad f this is trash
Mojtaba Kokabi
0 Views 2019/10/14
Plz help. Got problems with the tuning. It won't load and stuck....
That's everything for now. Start a new game?