Screenshot of Hotel Builder
Screenshot of Hotel Builder
Screenshot of Hotel Builder
Screenshot of Hotel Builder
Screenshot of Hotel Builder
Hotel Builder

Hotel Builder

Provider Live Motion Games

About the GameSun, beach, exotic drinks or something totally different. Vacations mean various things to people all over the world, but they always have one thing in common: the HOTEL. You can’t have a good rest without a good hotel room. During all your trips, you probably wondered many times what you could change in the visited resort. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and build that dream hotel just the way you always wanted! Of course, it’ll only be in the Hotel Builder game. But it will still be a house full of fun! We promised!

Before becoming a hotel manager, you have to be an architect. Just for a while, okay? Every building needs a plan and that’s a fact. Sit down, think deep (very deep) and draw the blueprint for your perfect resort. Mark corridors, rooms, bathrooms and everything it needs. Don’t forget about walls! They’re very important! Everything is up to you! And your guests of course. After all, they come first. Always.

A piece of paper can’t be called a hotel. And so you will continue this adventure with constructing the whole building. Anyway, there’s no time to waste thinking too deeply. Just take a shovel and dig those foundations. Then grab some bricks and connect them. How? Of course, by mortar. By the way, you’ll also make this by yourself. It’ll be a lot of hard work, but it’ll also be fun!

Your precious guests can’t sleep in rooms with naked walls, right? At this point, the hotel looks… plain. You have to add some colors! Paint those walls, put floors, insert doors and windows. Add everything you can to make it more resort-like. In the future, you’ll be judged based on the hotel’s interior. Better make it perfect!

Your dream hotel became a decent reality. However, this is not the end! Without guests it’ll be just a building with many rooms. Quickly, finish your internet management course and stand behind the reception desk. You think that booking a room or hearing a complaint will be easy, don’t you? Oh, you sweet summer child. It’ll be hell. You’ll love it!



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