Screenshot of One Piece King Battle
Screenshot of One Piece King Battle
Screenshot of One Piece King Battle
Screenshot of One Piece King Battle
Screenshot of One Piece King Battle
One Piece King Battle

One Piece King Battle

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"One Piece King Battle" is the first genuine One Piece mobile game developed by Toei Animation and strictly developed by Austrian Games. Players will incarnate popular characters such as Luffy, Sanchi, and Solo, and experience the great voyage in a 100% restored chapter-style plot. The first batch will open up to 50 classic characters and 100 exclusive skills along with the plot. Players can freely choose and summon assistants to experience the most hearty fighting combos. Come to "Sea King Fight" and start the purest Adventure of Sea King to find your ONE PIECE!
The story mode is the default mode at the beginning of the game, and all the main story lines in the game are promoted in this mode. In this mode, fans will play popular characters such as Luffy and Zorro, and experience the original plot of the original. What's more interesting is that "Sea King Fight" also implants classic animation bridges in this mode, which greatly enhances the sense of substitution of the game, which can be called the gospel of the original plot party.
[Guild battle mode, bloody fighting]
Unlike the relived feelings in the story mode, the Guild Wars mode gives sea fans a more direct blood fighting experience. In this battle mode, the King of Fighters 98 classic 1V1 fighting is used. Players can choose three arbitrary characters to form their own team. Players will perform 1V1 character heads-up here. If the heads-up fails, they will switch to the next character. If they defeat all the characters of the opponent, they will win the game! It is worth mentioning that the fierce battle mode is a no-level battlefield, which means that fighting techniques and confrontation strategies are the only means to win, which truly restores the passion and excitement of fighting games!

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