Screenshot of Delusion school
Screenshot of Delusion school
Screenshot of Delusion school
Screenshot of Delusion school
Delusion school

Delusion school JP

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Failure of Kachikomi, classroom to be targeted, rainy day sniper, zombie invasion, the force to runaway ... !!!
Story to proceed to the more become stronger! Of new rival appearance !!
Crowded elements packed! Aim the top with a simple operation!The reason that he had been bullied by lethargy aims the strongest King ... !?
I would strongly to experience once is a school delusion Have you ever thought!
There is a complaint guy Come hanging! Fist in and talk training simulation game appeared!
"I, I'll aim for the top ... no world top of the school! The Miseru become the strongest King!"
"... What? Head okay?"
"Alrighty, and ze talk in fist over !!!"
"Chopper !!! Wait ... !!!!!"
Q: Although I like a friend is out of control?
A: "... Oh, I do not it was good to become brighter (distant eyes)"
Q: Why do I'm aiming for the top?
A: "It is apparently could favorite child" (spoilers?!)
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- I love free games become killing time!
• The addictive easy to free casual games
I want a leisurely-left game
- I like the surreal view of the world
- I like to goals and complete
School delusion ... I am a ...
During and secondary disease ...? U~tsuatama is ...
- Oh, yeah, this kind of experience ... it was ...
- Also, because not a delusion ... (trembling voice)
- I think that it is good to talk to in the fist (small co-feeling)
· I want to cute girl with love
· I want to aim the strongest
-Boy love comics
- Love girl cartoon also hard to throw away
The Come DONTO at-any cartoon
I want to share - a funny image LINE, Facebook, on Twitter
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