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Tale Adventure

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Screenshot of Tale Adventure
Screenshot of Tale Adventure
Screenshot of Tale Adventure
Screenshot of Tale Adventure
Screenshot of Tale Adventure


2016 first classic pixel mobile game – Tale Adventure

Snow White bully the queen?! Little Red Riding Hood chasing the wolf grandmother?!

Massive of famous fairy tale characters mix together without limits to subvert your memory of the fairy tale!
Create a fairy tale Knight group, easily to walk through the pixel kingdom!
PS: This product belongs in the lay aside games category, do not need long time login, but if you have time, please remember to come back to see your knights, can enhance the combat power of the knights ~

FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/taleadventure/

●Game Features--- don’t miss out! ●

===Main gameplay===

Group adventure: Collect massive of fairy tale characters to begin adventure! Matching "skills" to enhance the "four-dimensional" to strengthen the team!

Gather resources: The special forest system, looking for the strengthen resource! However, please beware of the Piranha flower!

Arena Mode: 25VS25 gang fights with other players! If it fails, remember to adjust the configuration of team and fight again!

===Game Details===

★「Tale Adventure」Massive of fairy tale characters mix together without limits!
.Up to 200 fairy tale characters group together, evil little red riding hood, and violence Cinderella to subvert your impression!
.Many combo skill to enhance the strength! Remember to let Aladdin and the God of Lamp to play together!
.Revisiting the Japanese classic pixel style, take you back to the childhood fun of single games!

★「Tale Adventure」Special forest system! Upgrade material dig yourself!
.Players will gather the strengthen plant material in the forest, but the choice of route is very important!
.In the process of mining while also defeated tree monster, get the props of awakening!
.Take advantage of forest system, it is the main system which provide upgrades or strengthen material.

★「Tale Adventure」25vs25 large group fights! Battle Arena!
.Every once in a while, there will be 10 players in the arena waiting for your challenge!
.Remember, first is the deployment of the lineup, and then improve the four-dimensional, you will be invincible!
.Don't worry even failure~ Happy and relax is the true meaning of the game!

★「Tale Adventure」Start from now playing game will not be tired anymore!
.The main resources can be obtained through the auto system, even if not online, you also can always upgrade!
.This game is suitable for all player, whether you are busy, or would like to pass the time!
.Remember to come back to look at your fairy Knight once you have time, because they will miss you very much!

●We’d love to hear from you!●
Please leave your opinions/suggestions on our forum, FB fan page, or email us.
Every comment will be read! It’s the way we improve our game

 Official website:
 FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/taleadventure/
 Official mail: [email protected]


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