Screenshot of Panilla Saga
Screenshot of Panilla Saga
Screenshot of Panilla Saga
Screenshot of Panilla Saga
Screenshot of Panilla Saga
Screenshot of Panilla Saga
Panilla Saga

Panilla Saga

Dev active
Publisher VNG GAMES
Developer More2Games
1,405 Downloads2,055 Followers

Panilla Saga is a free retro-style anime RPG where you can rediscover the fun of classic RPGs through over 200+ unique heroes and 20+ adventure modes.

To celebrate the global launch, special event starts now! Log in to receive limited SSR Hero, and enjoy 1000 free draws!

You will build your own army in a complex power struggle, uncover the truth of the world, and unleash your strategic genes in real-time 5v5 automatic battles.

The wheel of fortune has begun to turn, get ready for an epic adventure in Panilla Saga!

◆ One Tap, Big Rewards
Panilla Saga is an idle-to-win RPG. With just simple tap, you can obtain massive growth resources, not only allowing your team to gain tremendous growth but also easily overcoming powerful Bosses.

◆200+ Legendary Heroes
You can collect more than 200 legendary heroes, build your ultimate lineup and build close relationships with them. Even... find your favorite waifu & own fate!

◆Classic Anime-style Graphics
Immerse yourself in the retro and exquisite visuals and atmosphere of Panilla Saga. The diverse cast of characters and selectable storyline will take you back to the nostalgic era of classic RPG gaming.

◆1000 Draws Gacha Benefits
By simply logging into Panilla Saga everyday, you can get real free 1000 draws to help you obtain more heroes and start your legendary adventure smoothly! Bon Voyage, commander!

◆Simple yet Rich Game Modes
You can enjoy various game modes in Panilla Saga, including Tower of Glory, Roguelike Challenge, Turn-Based Challenge, Homeland Construction and more. Choose your own strategy from multiple game modes and prove yourself to be an RPG master!

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wanna play it
Total Size 2,09 GB, turn based RPG with graphic 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, easy control, as well as bonuses for all the many players. The difference between paid players and F2P will be seen when there are special events that use paid diamonds. Like when I wrote this review, there is a summon event called tavern, with a 10x 100% rebate chance to get SSR Hero.
53 Views 07/11/2023
Junar Pragacha
Embark on an epic adventure
18 Views 06/22/2023
"Panilla Saga" is a high-quality retro-style anime RPG that offers a nostalgic experience of classic RPGs. With over 200 unique heroes and 20 adventure modes, players can build their own army, engage in real-time 5v5 automatic battles, and uncover the truth of the world. The game features one-tap gameplay with big rewards, classic anime-style graphics, and a diverse cast of characters. Enjoy various game modes, collect legendary heroes, and experience the thrill of strategic battles. The global launch comes with special events and generous rewards. Get ready for an epic adventure in "Panilla Saga"!
14 Views 06/16/2023
I love this cool rpg game
27 Views 06/24/2023
Ugg VNG publishes this game in SEA. I see VNG, I say bye, no need to try
Limited Hero [Sif] is upcoming!
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Zacker Gamer A(Muted)
Panilla Saga SEA & 4 Giftcodes How to Redeem code
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Don't missing these three powerful female heroes!!
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