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Screenshot of Pre Master
Screenshot of Pre Master
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Pre Master

Pre Master

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Developer 燕鸟工作室
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《Pre Master》Attempting to create a world that combines "underground gangs" and "traditional martial arts", the main stage of the story is a group of small fishing villages in the south, which developed into a relatively stable coastal town - K-city after the "Dragon's Head War". Martial arts master Hu Zhen received a mysterious letter and went to K-city to discover his brother Hu Jia, who had been missing for many years, who was actually active in K-city. Players will play martial arts master Hu Zhen and receive apprenticeship and education in K-city, Simultaneously tracking the trajectory of his younger brother Hujia, he discovered a huge conspiracy hidden under k-city and fulfilled his own mission.
-----------------------playing method------------------------
Attribute cultivation (standard RPG game attribute)
Kicking system (six martial arts schools+various challenge modes)
Apprentice system (you can receive more apprentices, train your own apprentices and take them out to duel with others, or take them out for a tournament) as the player level rises.
Task system (a routine plot, although there are no ups and downs, but there are also various reversals and small climaxes)
Moves and weapon systems (we have made nearly 50 moves for players to combine at will. Weapons include knives, sticks, swords, daggers, pistols, etc.)

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adam petrovski
41 Views 11/21/2023
This is an open world Kung Fu adventure kind of like  sleeping dogs on the playstation and yakuza on pc but at the same time very different.  The art style is an interesting choice. There's a big emphasis on combat with a long list of moves to learn. I haven't played anything else quite like this game. It seems pretty in depth as far as the content goes and it's free to play. There's no ads unless you want to watch them for rewards. There's also an online ranking leaderboard. Also lots of crafting, skill upgrades and weapon upgrades. You can also aquire apprentices and fit your martial art school with equipment for them to train on. It's definitely worth checking out if you like open world ARPG's
PreMaster Global Version - Ultra Graphics | Gameplay (Android/iOS) on iPhone 15 Pro
842 Views 3d
28 Views 11/05/2023
it's alright kind of reminds me of sleeping dogs  and sifu on the Playstation the combos are kinda laggy and late sometimes. I got attacked by a Rottweiler for no reason it was more of a challenge than all the humans then there was a warthog and it was bigger than the dog my hits did little damage and of course it defeated me with more than 75 percent of its life lol damage definitely needs to be tweaked
Oussama tiriri
19 Views 08/21/2023
Please pre master play guys c
Pre Master Global Gameplay (Android,iOS) High graphics Online
11K Views 08/07/2023
Broccoli Gaming Channel
Pre Master gameplay - Offline RPG game walkthrough POCO F5 PRO android iOS
694 Views 08/02/2023
111 Views 08/10/2023
I really don't know why this game is rated so good. The graphics are terrible like nothing looks good not even the characters. The animations are weird as fuck and the combat is just boring. It's basically just button mashing but only one button and sometimes u can block attacks but u don't even need to bother since the enemy's do 1 damage when they hit you so u basically can't lose in this game at all. And I know it's a free game so expectations shouldn't be too high but this is just a fiever dream of a game.
TapTap Creator
Pre Master - Hype Impressions/Global Launch/Shen Mue Mobile?/Android, iOS
2K Views 08/02/2023
Le Gold Lion
19 Views 08/21/2023
the game is blocked when you defaeat the monk for his brother liberation
Darasimi T
29 Views 08/28/2023
I hate it
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