Screenshot of Sanity Chase
Screenshot of Sanity Chase
Screenshot of Sanity Chase
Screenshot of Sanity Chase
Screenshot of Sanity Chase
Sanity Chase

Sanity Chase

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Sanity Chase is a 2v5 asymmetrical competitive game. Here, you can enjoy our unique art style, engaging 2v5 gameplay, and the excitement of playing with friends. Welcome to the lost kingdom! Are you ready?


Fast-Paced 2v5 Combat
Choose to play as a hunter, locking lost runaways into cages, or as a runaway, repairing Loony Clocks to open Heart Portals and using your skills to outsmart the hunters.
Experience quick and easy-to-play matches, with each game lasting just 10 minutes! Enjoy the thrill of the chase and the excitement of the escape.

Unique Characters and Skills
Each character possesses distinct skills and features, allowing you to block, distract, rescue, hunt, and/or control. Utilize your characters and strategic positioning to create a formidable team!

Engage in Real-Time Battles with Friends
Collaborate with your teammates and strategize to secure victory for your faction. Teamwork matters!

Unique Time-Limited Skins
Limited-time skins are up for grabs. Become the most eye-catching hunter or runaway in the game!

Intriguing Story
What has twisted this fairytale Dreamland into such a psychotic nightmare? You are a Dreamlander who enters the patients' fantasy world. Collect the clues you find and uncover the hidden truth!

Free Download, Fair Competition
Download the game for free with no pay-to-win elements. Skills and teamwork are all that matter. Join the battle and outsmart your opponents!

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God truth
Screenshots said it for it itself, I'm uninstalling it another good game got wasted the developers not paying no mind to this game whatsoever
43 Views 11/24/2023
Bg Jimy
I enjoyed the beta. It's the perfect mix of these type of games and a bit of Mobas. I enjoy it because it's not gore and extra scary. It's cute and malicious. I can't wait for it to be released fully!
209 Views 11/11/2023
18 Views 10/30/2023
Can't wait, i really want to play this so bad!
34 Views 11/16/2023
I absolutely loved it. The characters and their skills were very pleasant. And the storyline is pretty entertaining. But unfortunately they took it off of the play store and i can no longer access it.
Celo Zaga
Sanity Chase 2v5 MOBA: Limited US Open Beta on October 27th!
1.8K Views 10/26/2023
Sion Eltnam Atlasia
15 Views 11/14/2023
Release this to ph please
Lady Dimitrescu Has Her Own Game! Sanity Chase Gameplay
138 Views 10/28/2023
This lady Dimitrescu game is pretty awesome! For real though Sanity Chasers is a 2v5 asymmetrical horror game that plays like a MOBA Dead by Daylight. 🎮 Gameplay:
Burned Bacon
Please release the game ❤️❤️
33 Views 10/29/2023
I want to try this game out because I'm a fan of Identity V and this game is very similar to it, I'm hoping we could get a beta test here in the Philippines sooner because people are very fond of MOBA here, like Mobile Legends, Wild Rift & Farlight
Celo Sanity Chase
Sanity Chase - How to Identify?
149 Views 10/19/2023
27 Views 10/31/2023
I like this kind of game , a mix of Identity V and Dead by Daylight
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