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Earth has run out of resources! Travel to a distant world to harvest materials and build a factory capable of teleporting items back home to save the planet...

Builderment is a factory building game focused on automation and crafting. Mine valuable resources, build machines to craft increasingly complex items, transport materials on a network of conveyor belts, and research technology to improve production and efficiency. Share optimized sections of your factory with other players using Blueprints.

* Build Factories - Build and manage your own industrial factory! Construct machines to automate production and place conveyor belts to transport materials efficiently between buildings.

* Gather Resources - Gather wood, iron, copper, and other resources from the world to craft items for research. Place extractors on top of resources to harvest an infinite supply.

* Transport Materials - Build a network of conveyor belts to transport items between machines. Control the direction and flow with splitters and underground belts.

* Research Technology - Progress through the game by researching advanced technologies. Unlock new buildings to increase production and new recipes to craft more advanced factory parts.

* Player Blueprints - Share sections of your factory with friends using Blueprints. There is no limit to what you can create!

* Power Plants - Build Coal and Nuclear power plants to speed up other nearby machines. These buildings require a steady supply of resources or they stop working.

* Decorations - A good looking factory is a happy factory. Spruce up your base with decorative trees, rocks, fences, walls, statues, industrial parts, and even a snowman.

* Hangout with other players

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