out of 10


89 Views 10/14/2023
Its such a good game , but there's nothing relevant to do , the graphics are beautiful, if you quit the HUD possibility can't think it's a game , the demo it's very good, and , I really thought it will not work on my device , but surprising, it works , if you need it of guide I have an Snapdragon 665
Emulated Man
125 Views 10/16/2023
📖 Overall : I usually write bigger reviews but this is dogshit. No new maps just a same one. It is masked as high graphics game but tricks are used to give you the illusion. You'll be better off with CODM. Don't try this game. Weird and Janky UI. And the biggest problem of all Ads in a FPS shooter. Bro seriously. Sorry but I'm too pissed off to give a good review. For a half assed game I'll give a half assed review.
Collin Coulter
38 Views 10/18/2023
Such a nice looking game with a reasonable kill/time limit.  But I try to play and people tend to sprint 100mph everywhere, only 3 guns, and its set to auto fire and you can't aim.
114 Views 10/16/2023
🎮 Gameplay: it has potential to be one of the best shooting game, the camera and reloading animation is already great, we just need more map 🕹️ Controls: it's confused me when playing for the first time (this game using auto shoot) device : samsung A54 (mali g-68)
50 Views 10/13/2023
I can fry an egg on my phone using this game incase of a survival situation (that conveniently gives me access to eggs)! thanks devs!
62 Views 10/04/2023
The game looks really good but the arm and gun textures could use a bit of work. It doesn't look like a mobile game until you get really close to the in-game assets that's when the visuals fall apart but it's still impressive. As for gameplay I can't say much about it, I was the only one on the server at the time so I can't comment on that but it felt smooth when I was running around. It's a nice game.
[UNRECORD] mobile clone
286 Views 10/06/2023
VEry similar to the pc game "UNRECORD" and would probably get sued by "drama studios". The game is actually pretty good, graphics are amazing. But i still run into trouble joining matches and if i do join sometimes the game crashes... it is still in beta development but its pretty good so far.
あきるネコ Akiru
107 Views 10/12/2023
the only good thing about this game is the graphics and that's all to it
31 Views 10/13/2023
This game is accually perfect but it's too laggy for my device
Mehmet Erdogan
35 Views 09/30/2023
Graphics are crazy, but the weapon Textures can be better. And please add more maps. This game can change the Future of mobile FPS games.
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