Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY
Screenshot of STELLA FANTASY


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Provider Ring Games
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"Stella Fantasy is a high-quality NFT character collectable anime RPG, where users become adventurers and travel through the mystical land of Reterra.

With an arsenal of various content, such as Abyss Invader where users can battle vicious bosses and compete against each other, Mirage Garden where users can challenge various stages, and an entertaining storyline, Stella Fantasy has captured the hearts of many gamers worldwide since its global launch in April, 2023.

Stella Fantasy stands out as a unique game due to its distinct gameplay. The project aimed to introduce a system that requires players to consider multiple factors during battles. Unlike most RPG games where players control only one character, Stella Fantasy allows users to control multiple characters simultaneously. All four characters are present on the battlefield, and players can switch between them, creating a strategic element in combat.

In Stella Fantasy, there are two main types of NFTs: Characters and Equipment.
These NFTs bring dynamic gameplay to the players. Creating different combinations of characters in each party offers a unique experience each time they play, and owning multiple Character NFTs allows for the formation of multiple parties, enhancing progression in the game. Players can craft Equipment through the Blacksmith by acquiring necessary crafting materials through various in-game content. To facilitate the trading of these NFTs, Stella Fantasy has its own marketplace, developed internally by our talented team and blockchain specialists, providing users with a seamless and secure trading experience among players.

Stella Fantasy’s vision is to become a bridge between the traditional web2 and the emerging web3 world. While Web3 holds great promise, there is still perceivable hesitation and skepticism surrounding it. Stella Fantasy aims to break down these barriers and introduce users to the potential of Web3 in a friendly and entertaining way.

Beyond the captivating narratives, Stella Fantasy is designed to be an incredibly enjoyable game to play. In addition to the main story mode, players can immerse themselves in various engaging game modes, with even more to come in the future.

Visually, Stella Fantasy boasts beautiful artwork and graphics, and we invite everyone to experience the game firsthand and discover its unique qualities. Our belief is that games should be fundamentally fun and enjoyable, and we hope players will find that essence in Stella Fantasy.

Stella Fantasy will continue to grow with the community, with continuous development and exciting new content. More content will come in the future including various multiplayer modes. Stay tuned!"

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Anjalu Brahma
21 Views 10/24/2023
Fking don't play this game . Waste of time and net.  If mobile processor is not good never download. You can only see blank screen once you logged in
Noah Mir
52 Views 10/21/2023
🎮 Gameplay: 5/5 🕹️ Controls: 5/4 👥 Multiplayer: 5/5 👍 Pros: Unlike other rpg game we can play without worrying about rank shit
41 Views 10/10/2023
To lag in my phone (realme 6 pro)
Ring Games Official
[Comment to Win] Share your most dependable character in Stella Fantasy to win $25 Gift Card!
5.7K Views 10/20/2023
27 Views 10/21/2023
need to verify your email address for new login account but mail never sent. stupid game. uninstall in instant.
25 Views 10/21/2023
Hi, somebody know how to distant this camera, its annoying so close.. thx btw🎮 Gameplay: 🕹️ Controls:
181 Views 10/04/2023
It wasn't really that good as other reviewers saying. Combat system is awful Graphics is meh It has Autoplay garbage Rates is also awful The characters while walking/running looks to weird. It's like I'm playing on 30fps. For the characters, I think they're fine. Not that good and not that bad either. The fact that They even added play to earn aspect in it makes it much worst like why need that shit.
R8 Gaming (HyRool)
R8 Gaming (HyRool)
TapTap Creator
New Waifu A-RPG: Stella Fantasy (60-Sec. Review)
1.2K Views 09/08/2023
11 Views 09/04/2023
get my curiosity,of course prayge don’t be ruined
32 Views 10/22/2023
It's a great game. I like it a lot. Really2 like it. BUT why i always disconnected after clearing stage 1-10. I tried 3 times end up the same. Such a disappointment. The gacha really have a bad rate anyway so i uninstalled it.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?