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Jump Assemble : BangWee Review
14K Views 10/07/2023
31K Views 09/26/2023
My anime heart is so happy! So much potential in this game!
3.6K Views 10/15/2023
238 Views 10/16/2023
JUMP: Assemble is a delightful blend of anime and MOBA elements. Here are the key points: 1. GAMEPLAY: If you're a fan of 5v5 MOBA action, you're in for a treat. The game allows you to step into the shoes of iconic Shonen Jump characters from beloved manga and anime series. Imagine battling it out with characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and more!
367 Views 10/15/2023
Not gonna lie this game is fun to play, the only thing is wrong and i hate it so much is lucky draw featured for limited heroes. And it also didn't have like guaranteed chance for getting heroes from the banner, just hoping on your based luck to get banner heroes. It's totally dumb microtransaction for a moba game.
Paimonial Wrath
293 Views 10/09/2023
The gameplay has a lot to be said, on one hand, it's pretty fun. There are really fun characters you can play like Nezuko and Megumi (Nezuko main btw) but on the other hand, the gameplay can be very clunky and can lag sometimes. There are long animations in the game that can ruin the playability of some characters like Buu wherein he takes a million years to do any of his skills. The balancing issues can also be a problem where a character like Tanjiro can solo 3 enemies because he has an ult that can perma CC them and still do a lot of damage and can heal himself. Although I am aware that this game is still in it's beta and these are not permanent, criticism is always good for an aspiring game.
Sigma Alpha Beta
24 Views 10/15/2023
I hope to see more of this game than the autochess moba.  We waited 2 years for Autochess Moba and the ending it didn't last than 4 months.  Autochess Moba is very similar to dota.  That's why I love it.  Autochess Moba makes me feel like "oh I'm playing heroes of orders & chaos and dota".  Jump Assemble is a very unique Anime Moba.  Many players are waiting for this game, the heroes are our favorite anime characters. That's why many peoples are waiting and wanted to play. So you got people's attention. Don't let us down.
It says that slots will be available on 11 am PH time.. But what is this? Its just 11:02 am and no slots available already? Are you kidding? This is actually my third day attempt..you know what? Just keep your game to yourself I'll uninstall it. Its not worth the wait.. 🥱
943 Views 10/02/2023
I love this game so much but my concern is the loading screen it takes so much time to go back to lobby, the fps keeps dropping like crazy , sometimes the skills are delayed, when you accidentally go to your homepage while playing the game it's impossible to you to go back on he game and keep playing you need to open the game and reconnect from the start and to reconnect ? Literally it takes 30 minutes to reconnect back to the game. Yeah you guys needs to fix this. you don't need to be fancy like walking around to go to store or game mode this is not fornite man... people Will get bored because of it all you need is simplicity and better experience
7K Views 10/02/2023
27 Views 10/14/2023
I've spent a lot of time playing MOBA type of games. This game have a potential. Since the game is in beta. The problems that I encounter in game are fps drop, skill panning is clunky, skill animations feels awkward and delay, unbalance heroes and optimization (the open world feature). Hoping we'll see some good results and patches in the next upcoming updates.
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