Screenshot of Dino Rumble: Jurassic War
Screenshot of Dino Rumble: Jurassic War
Screenshot of Dino Rumble: Jurassic War
Screenshot of Dino Rumble: Jurassic War
Dino Rumble: Jurassic War

Dino Rumble: Jurassic War

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The dinosaurs are fighting for dominance in the Jurassic era! Wars rage across the world as dinosaurs attempt to earn the title of Apex Predator by hunting down each other. Powerful dinosaurs of all sizes and diets fight each other to become the top dinosaur hunter of the era! The earth will not know peace until the ultimate hunter is determined.

The T-Rex leads the large theropods to hunt and crush all other dinosaurs beneath their feet. As the greatest hunter, even a zoo of dinosaurs can't stop its rampage. Powerful jaws and solid muscular bodies make them the favorite contender to the title of Apex Predator. With their great size and strength, few have what it takes to even challenge the king of dinosaurs.

The Raptor and its allies stand in the way of the T-Rex's dominance by outsmarting and outmaneuvering them. While not as strong or big as large theropods, small theropods come in great numbers and use team tactics to hunt and take down dinosaurs many times larger than themselves. Hunting and rampaging anywhere and everywhere, even in the most peaceful dinosaur parks or the most dangerous volcanic mountains. Size does not matter when it comes to claiming the title of Apex Predator of the Jurassic dinosaur era.

Play as the mighty T-Rex, the destructive Carnotaurus, the cunning Raptor or the toxic Dilophosaurus in this 2D side-scrolling simulation action fighting game! Face prey and predator alike in your path to domination! Hunt down prey like Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus, Compsognathus, Troodon, Protoceratops, and even Oviraptors! Takedown mighty foes and other hunters such as Kentrosaurus, Styracosaurus, Allosaurus, and Baryonyx! Duel even with powerful herbivores, the Unbreakable Triceratops and the Steadfast Stegosaurus!

Hand-Drawn 2D graphics!
Dinosaur vs dinosaur hunting!
Epic Duels!
Easy to play!
Cool sound effects and music!

Who will you lead to claim the title of Apex Predator Hunter? Download and play now!


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