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Another pay to win game but ... (Play or Pass???)
156 Views 06/29/2024
50 Views 05/17/2024
Game ads trick you into an m rated fan service game, but it's an esrb e10 baby game lol nice
75 Views 05/17/2024
Massive p2w. Terribly done translation efforts considering half the time the language reverts. Horrible loading times even using a 5g network, payment packages sometimes pop up multiple windows and you could possible spend more then what you know(It doubled up my $11 pack and only gave me 1x rewards, customer service won't even reply so I had to revert payment) Overall.. just another bland gacha that hopes to steal money before it fails and shuts down.
27 Views 05/22/2024
Ehh, this game needs a lot of polishing and shouldn't have been released yet. Buggy, clunky, and crashes too. Also, too many unnecessarily long tutorial.
38 Views 05/17/2024
Got bored very quickly. Long tutorial. Cute anime girls can only take you so far.
18 Views 05/20/2024
The game is just overall boring I cleared alotta levels just to get kicked having to start over again and it took over an hour to relaunch the game
27 Views 05/19/2024
game crashes multiple times, on certain menus, too much going on hard to figure what items go to upgrade gear, toons, etc hope it were more landscape games, kinda dont like portait style to play on phones
John Doe
20 Views 05/19/2024
A lot's of bugs, as for now they managed to broke all support windows, where you get goods for your progress. It's not fun to play at the moment.
24 Views 05/17/2024
Buggy, translations missing, poor art, annoying/long/pointless tutorial. Brings nothing new to the table. Don't fall for the ad art.
[Tier List Reroll Guide] HorcruxCollege (Android) Global Launch Gameplay
827 Views 05/17/2024
That's everything for now. Start a new game?