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"BlockFun" is an open-world role-playing and simulation game. You will play as a traveler without a "past," embarking on an adventure in the unfamiliar land of "Seofar," exploring lost ruins around the world, searching for lost memories, and creating a new world with other travelers.
The moment you set foot on the continent of "Seofar," the adventure begins...

—— Run and explore freely on the continent of "Seofar"
Travel through Wedge Rift Valley, Serpent Creek Land, Oran River Valley, Misty Deep Valley... Immerse yourself in the beauty of lush forests, tranquil lakes, verdant meadows, and feel the sunlight spreading across the land, the breeze brushing your face, as you create a world of your own with the rise and fall of the sun and moon, and the chirping of birds and insects!

—— Build a unique and cozy home
Collect resources by logging, breaking stones, and mining; dozens of items are available for crafting. Freely choose blocks of different colors and types to build your ideal structure according to your preferences. Plant trees, nurture flowers, add furniture, outdoor decorations... Experience the DIY joy of transforming a bare house into a luxurious mansion!

—— Freely socialize and establish a popular town
Homeland Circle, an interactive feature where you can collaborate with friends to build various large projects! Work together to construct amusement parks, build Ferris wheels, and more, creating a charming town of your own. Chat about daily life, have wonderful interactions, and enjoy a life of freedom!

—— Relaxing farm life: you reap what you sow
Work at sunrise, rest at sunset, and fall in love with the simple life of farming. There's a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Perfect care might result in the chance to grow giant crops, vying for the title of the strongest farmer! Different colored flowers can also be refined into dyes, allowing you to color your furniture beautifully!

—— Capture pets to work for you
Too tired to make furniture? No time to tend to crops? No worries, pets are here to help! The continent of "Seofar" is rich in species, including "Bubu" the Radish Head, the "Armored Axe Bear," the Butterfly Spirit "Night Spirit," and more. Here you can hunt to your heart's content, capture pets for your use! They can also accompany you on adventures, battle monsters together, and bravely traverse "Seofar"!

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Mr. Deva Is Live
32 Views 07/07/2024
Don't show download Button😑
Moose Isorena
what a game can't even play, can download but tried many times still can't play👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
235 Views 06/07/2024
viperx pranjal
18 Views 06/15/2024
Fix the pickup freeze bug. Fix the teleportation bug where I can't see the teleportation but It's showing on map. Fix the lag. Not very good at optimization. Optimize for to play for much more devices.
720 Views 06/06/2024
👎 Cons: Need better tutorial To many bugs Translation kinda confusing at a time Specialy during quest 👍 Pros: Well have it have good premise Ram friendly at low setting 🎮 Gameplay: Remind of minecraft blend with palworld 📖 Storyline: Desnt really have story so far just go here and there
40 Views 06/05/2024
too many bugs, the world is empty. the game is interesting though.
Sujon Gamer 20
BlockFun Gameplay RPG.
1.2K Views 06/06/2024
BlockFun - Open World RPG Gameplay Android iOS
1.9K Views 06/07/2024
Infamous Hunter
384 Views 06/13/2024
Its a really fun, multiplayer, craft and build , survival, open world game. Pros :- I mean really good graphics. Vastly open world and multiplayer. Has good controls not laggy or glitched anything. Has a lot of pets , companions and other elements. Cons :- Still have a bugs here and there but not like game stopping. Crafting takes a really long time if its done by player Some instructions are unclear you have to figure out yourself
Khánh An
11 Views 06/09/2024
🎮 Gameplay👍 Pros:
16 Views 06/11/2024
Great game. Hoping for an update soon! Also could you make a player market.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?