Lazy Sister

Lazy Sister

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Screenshot of Lazy Sister
Screenshot of Lazy Sister
Screenshot of Lazy Sister
Screenshot of Lazy Sister
Screenshot of Lazy Sister


My sister is always at home Gutara, rumbling.
Potential of my sister's not such a thing !!
It's to rehabilitation in respectable sister!

New sense sister training simulation game!
"Foster sister-chan!"


~ Game Description ~

Tap the sister on the screen,
It is legitimate sister app going to rehabilitation to the sister.
By and give the items to rectify sister, will raise the level
Or it can be made to rectify sooner sister,
While closing the app also makes continues to the correction.

Giving more items, you Tsuremodoso sister to legitimate way! !


Trying to get help to friends ~ SNS! ~

Let's share your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
It is possible to get only items that will help the rehabilitation of the sister!

Absolutely and when the sister would be lazy,
If you want I would be proud his sister to others,
Ready-to-post to Facebook and Twitter from the [Share] button at the bottom of the home right!


~ Recommend this game to such a person! ~

And training left the game favorite person
- I want to look at the cute sister people
· SNS and people who are looking for a friend and Moriagareru story on Twitter
- People who want to enjoy the game a little free time


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Last Updated on 2016-03-10