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Minecraft on Drugs? It’s More Likely Than You Might Think - Angeldust Review
4.1K Views 07/07/2022
Sora Synn
Sora Synn
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[Angeldust] First Impression [Android]
2.6K Views 06/30/2022
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This MMO is like minecraft but with no crafting - Angeldust [First Impressions] Gameplay
5K Views 07/06/2022
54 Views 03/28/2021
Love it, but some major issues that need to be addressed immediately: controls on left side of screen get constantly accidentally pushed since they are in the movement area, and you can't move the left and right control locations separately, only together. Moving past area level 55 with extended view distance enabled causes the screen to crash (full single color screen, cant do anything but force close app).
Hardcore Gamer
45 Views 03/26/2021
The game is a sandbox game with its own characteristics, with a strange 2D-3D style, all objects are paper, but are placed in the map in three dimensions, while the appearance of various creatures is also relatively recognizable, the only drawback is that the degree of sophistication is slightly less. Gameplay, and most of the sandbox is similar, the difference is that the game relatively to emphasize social and role-playing, there will be some tasks to drive players to complete, and there is a more mature design of the social system. The single tougher thing is that the game is only first-person, and it's quite hard to play.
31 Views 03/28/2021
A "Paper Mario style minecraft type game" . Looks good, plays well. Simple to understand.. Deserves alot more players for party and community. It has alot of potential.
Ye Olde Foxeh
Can't even register
3 Views 07/31/2022
it doesn't even accept my email address as valid to register. Haha what a garbage
34 Views 04/03/2022
the goal of dis game is just exploring, a really good game for killing time plus it has a fancy graphic
1 View 03/29/2021
When I try to sign in the game, the exit sign always shows up and I can't sig in.
4 Views 03/01/2022
Paper mario lmao
That's everything for now. Start a new game?