Landlords [First National]

Landlords [First National]

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Version 6.0.0 is the full version of the perfect quack Landlords, cost huge amounts of money to build, run smoothly, so you pleasing, you deserve!
6.0.0 submit Laizi play, changing, Laizi reverse the situation, so you invincible, God of Gamblers belong to you! offer players beautiful picture, play the classic tradition, Landlords game swept the world, popular hot, play exciting, free download, no registration, free delivery gold shield, without recharge, install to start the game
1. The unprecedented presence while 2D and 3D desktop, are the best visual design, 2D Desktop -> blue classic athletic design, 3D Desktop -> Color elegant personality, there is always one that fit you to choose from!
1. To provide a variety of ways Teng six tourists have an account, you can open the play, special tasks, and so feature-rich
2. The system rewards the rich, you can receive The Daily six gold shield, bankruptcy can either get ready to click on benefits, so you have the opportunity to stand up
3. Ultra-smooth slide cards, election cards, smart card option, you can drag the cards
4. Private room mode that lets you and your friends can develop PK, there are three classic etc.
5. Interesting naughty lovely expression package, so you and your friends had enough of playing cards addiction
6. Super good experience with care, beautiful screen, smooth with care experience, so you put it down
7. As the slide card Landlords ancestor, has been imitated, but never surpassed
8. Ultra-low phone traffic, smooth communication technology, so you can play when and whereThis version is updated as follows:
1. The new engine change, engine instead cocos2dx
2. Replace the bottom withdraw ui, let cool heart pleasing to the eye
3. Support change the background, make people more comfortable playing cards
4. rewrite withdraw at the end of the game, especially less casein network layer, especially smooth
5. some bug fixes
6. Modify app name changed to rattle Landlords want players to have fun




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Last Updated on 2022-01-21