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Screenshot of Gonia!
Screenshot of Gonia!
Screenshot of Gonia!
Screenshot of Gonia!


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This game is based on a hexagon, based on the hexagonal mathematical properties, can be extended to the six sides, forming a 7 * 7 space limited map. In this limited map, players need to slide the screen to expand the colorful hexagon, but when the adjacent hexagon color is greater than or equal to 4, they will be merged together, each merger will get a certain points as game results.

• 7*7 fixed range of hexagonal game map.
• Slide six directions to control the base block movement expansion.
• Combine more than or equal to 4 adjacent color blocks of the same color.
• Provide the color patch that will appear.
• The game difficulty increases with the game score.

This is a simple and easy to grasp the rules and operations, but in the simple operation behind the players need to think carefully, according to the situation on the scene, carefully move every step may get high scores. It looks like the China Go, under the simple rules, but with the ever-changing situation, every time the step will affect the whole game,and a little negligence, will make themselves in trouble.

Have a good time!

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