My alien

My alien

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Screenshot of My alien
Screenshot of My alien
Screenshot of My alien
Screenshot of My alien
Screenshot of My alien


Civilization of mankind developed, was supposed to be able to go back and forth every star.
Then one day, the hero who was flying the universe find the mystery of the egg in the phrase star.
Is never seen until now extraterrestrial life was born from in and grow the eggs in the fun, it was alien!

[How to Play]
1: Increase button Tap Let's produce ENERGY (P).
2: up the production speed of the P to release a new alien.
3: further production speed in that to increase the level of each alien is up.
4: bad aliens attacked come because it will reduce the P, let's fight off tap.
5: If you have a ray gun, for us to fight off automatically the bad aliens that attack when you do not launch the app.

To what awaits ahead that raised the aliens?
Ending will be freed when the P accumulates.

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Music use
Beelzebub soul

Photo use
Credit: NASA / Goddard / SDO


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