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Screenshot of Last Step
Screenshot of Last Step
Screenshot of Last Step
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Last Step

Last Step

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Last Step is a stand-alone Roguelike survival game.

The game begins with a catastrophe, the demons take control of the world, as the survivors of the mercenary squad, carrying the mission call. Whether you want to perish in the cycle of reincarnation, or challenge the unknown darkness, changing environment and powerful monsters as a team of three, and finally eliminate the demons and save the world, it's all up to you. Players can improve their strength through collecting, forging, fighting and other ways to break free from the fetters of fate.
Survive or die, don't give up until the last step, the charm of Roguelike game is random and irreversible, cherish your life only once, keep exploring the map, use all resources to overcome the difficulties you will face. Gather food to relieve hunger, medicines to cure diseases and toxins, and weapons to challenge monsters and demons.

- Luck is part of strength.
Beasts, resources, and equipment are randomly generated, and you may be born in a demonic swamp or a rich plain. To survive in this world, besides wisdom and perseverance, luck is equally important!
- If you die, you lose everything.
For players playing as undead mercenaries, one life is one turn, and each death will be cleared of the corresponding progress. This means that the player must be more careful with every choice they make in the game!
- A variety of mercenary combinations for the world
At present, there are eight professions open, including knight, warlock, priest, hunter, shaman, thief, warrior and mage, each of which has special attributes and skills to match different strategic choices and tactical combinations, which greatly increases the game's strategy!

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