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Tap Blue - Piano Tiles

Tap Blue - Piano Tiles

MoreTap Blue is a very addictive and fun music game. Elegant, simple but full of thrill, ideal game to kill time. Tap now and enjoy the pleasure of being a pianist! <p><b>Tap Blue - Piano Tiles NEW FEATURES</b><br>- Easy to play, fun for all ages<br>- Leaderboard included, so you can compete with millions of players outside<br>- New selection of high quality piano songs <br>- Fun and new gameplay<br>- Piano-playing performance recording<br>- Fresh and clean UI design</p> <p><b>HOW TO TAP</b><br>- Tap blue piano tiles instead of white ones<br>- Don't miss out any blue piano tile. No time limit<br>- Reach combo targets to unlock new piano songs</p> <p>Join competition with global players and see how quick your fingers can tap on the extremely fast paced tiles!</p>

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