Screenshot of OTOME of Ikemen cafe
Screenshot of OTOME of Ikemen cafe
Screenshot of OTOME of Ikemen cafe
Screenshot of OTOME of Ikemen cafe
OTOME of Ikemen cafe

OTOME of Ikemen cafe

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▼New addition to the Dearead otome game series!!▼

Work at Ikemen Cafe!
For women, romance/otome simulation game

Cafe ma cherie, where you can work with ikemens
The protagonist who ended up working here after an encounter is actually...a girl?!

Fired immediately if exposed! The heart-pounding romance is about to begin--

◆About the app
・Popular romantic games for girls you can enjoy for free!
・Use the free tickets given out everyday to proceed on the stories!
・The decisions you make throughout the story will affect your ending!
・Complete your album with the heart-throbbing episodes!
・A romance with ikemen you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Who’s the ikemen in charge of teaching you the ropes?!

1. Ryo Kiryu - Arrogant Owner

Orders you around in a commanding manner.
Foul mouthed but covers it up perfectly during work

“You’ve got to listen to everything I say...lest I spill the beans about you being a woman”

2. Souta Shinohara - Energetic Idiot

Constantly with a smile on his face, a slightly dumb liberal person.
He appears to be simple-minded, but is actually considerate.

“Sheesh, anyway, I just like you.....!”

3. Leo Brown - Sweet Patisserie

The skilled patisserie of Ikemen Cafe.
A mixed-blood born in France, he’s direct in his expressions of love.

“I just want to be together with you, isn’t that enough?”

◆Recommended if you are
・Interested in Otome Games
・Looking for a dating sim game for women
・Looking for a free otome game
・Want to get into a relationship with a handsome guy
・Want to play an adult-oriented dating simulation game
・Want to play a free otome game
・Like Shoujo mangas and love games

◆About the company
Dearead Inc. is a company that deal with female-targeted content.
We will be producing a lot of dating sim.

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