Raft Survival Island Escape

Raft Survival Island Escape

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The game is not available in this country/region

Can you survive in this most strategic and epic island survival 2017 game? Be amazed to experience the best surviving game with realistic graphics and deep ocean environment.There is a army cruise ship crash in the middle of an ocean. After ship crash there is only one commando survive from the deadliest waves of ocean. He survive on raft and ready to be killed by hungry sharks if he will not kill them before. He woke up all alone in a small raft wandering and lost at sea. Angry and hungry sharks are there and one mistake can kill him. Now, he is a lone survivor in this survival games and ready to create his escape story on this island.

When he woke up he is extremely terrified and desperate to go home. He realized very quickly that if he wants to survive in this deep ocean he had to use all his survival techniques which he learned in army training school. Survival on the raft is not an easy task. In this survival quest he is going to master different survival techniques in underwater and after reaching on island.He has to learn crafting and building equipments like axe, hammer, rope and other stuff to create new walls pillars, shelters etc for his survival. Luckily in this survival test he is not raft building but just survive in this raft battle.In this raft craft and survival mission you are experiencing the most dangerous environment. You are going to survive in this raft survival simulator by applying different survival techniques like swimming survival skills. If you are a sea traveler than you must know the basic survival techniques in sea. Build your own home & hunt underwater whale & other animals in sea to survive. Use them to get food and drinking water or have a drink of coconut water and struggle surviving in this survival game. In this wilderness survival simulator 3D, you need to fight and struggle for your life expand your raft to create more comfortable place to live in and escape from this as soon as possible.

Raft Survival Island Escape Features:

★ Challenging survival experience

★ A real raft in the middle of the ocean

★ Crafting, building and surviving

★ Realistic environment with cool graphics

★ Beautiful Underwater swimming animation and underwater survival

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